Replacing the WiFi Antennas on a Wireless Router

Wireless Router

Well, the substitute of antennas is typically an easy, simple, and the most effective and successful upgrade. Mainly, most of the wireless routers and access points include WiFi antennas that exude an equal and well-deserved signal in all the directions and even in those areas mentioned as dead zones. These antennas are perfect to be called as “omnidirectional” and can also make the process New Extender Setup easy along with your existing router. Suppose, when you locate a router in the center of your home and wireless clients are distributed throughout the home that includes, garage, terrace, and even backyards.

Wireless Router

Wireless Router

But, you have to also keep this thing in mind that your router supposed to be updated with the latest firmware and technology. What else?

  • Bring your range extender enough closer to the router. Probably in the same room.
  • Connect both the devices with each other with the help of an Ethernet cable.
  • Plug them both into an electrical wall socket and wait for the LED lights turns their status to solid green.
  • After that, grab a smart device you own and launch a web browser.

Once open you have to type, into the field of the address bar. Well, this site definitely has all the answers to your queries along with the steps of configuration that are completely secure.

  1. Improve your Router Performance: Here, are some valuable steps that you can follow and implement in order to improve the performance of your existing router:
  • Use the latest firmware.
  • Avoid dust, overheating and, overloading.
  • Keep the router away from electronic gadgets, metal appliances, and those devices that carry the same frequency.
  • Give your device the support of additional antennas or range extender.
  • Keep your wired device (computer or a laptop) closer to the router.

Our views do not stop here. We have a lot many things to share with our priceless users.

  1. Replacement of an Antenna: Addition of directional or omnidirectional antenna to the router will be the smartest choice. Check the official website of your device manufacturer because not every maker will provide you with the set of additional antennas. We would also like to suggest you that do understand the needs of your device before providing them the support of universal antennas. On the other hand, antennas on the router do not require any tools or steps of troubleshooting, you just have to get rid of the older one and switch to the newer, is that simple.
  1. High-Gain Directional Antennas: Superior and better WiFi range can also be achieved with high-gain directional antennas that are specially used to increase and amplify signal accessibility in a particular and fastidious direction. Keeping our complete focus on the signal strength, these antennas allow the WiFi signal strength to control, protect manage and, accurately intended in direction of the area of the home where wireless devices are situated.

If a user tends to buy a new device to spread the range of the existing network all over the house, the wireless repeaters or extenders would be a better option. Well, the procedure of Netgear Extender Setup is just like a plug and play device. Just connect your new device with the existing one and they type mywifiext, in the field of the address bar of a web browser.

At what time a Powerful Signal isn’t Better?

Do you know the fact that the wireless antennas that are too strong can even create security issues related to a network? Utilizing a strong and a powerful omnidirectional antenna also effect in those WiFi signals that spread outside the house and involve into neighboring areas and fix completely into their devices, where you found a lot of interference of the third-party devices. To get rid of such problems:

  • Create an extra strong password that is lack of dictionary words.
  • Install anti-virus security and network firewall to your entire WiFi devices and networking system.
  • Set a limit for parental control and guest access.
  • Disable public WiFi during the process of your WiFi Range Extender Setup.

Note: For any assistance, feedback or help, you are free to contact the Netgear experts and ask then whatsoever question and answers appear in your mind.

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