What You Need To Have American Express Gold Credit Card

American Express Gold card

Getting an American Express credit card is like open a door for many opportunities. AMEX is well-known for providing no-limit credit cards with numerous rewards and discounts. Before approving your credit card they think many perspectives, so be aware of these factors when getting an AMEX card application may lift up your prospects of getting an approval.

They can notice your payment history, credit use, length of credit history, a different type of credit used and recent credit enquiry. You are also aware of CIBIL score or credit score, which is ranges between 300 to 900. In this criteria, a high score means far more financial stability and responsibility. Most of the people, get 600 to 700 and this is an average score, but for American Express credit card 700 score mean great score to give a card.

These guidelines are shared with you because every single person before applying for a credit card should know the pros and cons. Now we talk about your KYCs, in this factors bank including your age criteria and documents. For having a Gold credit card, the applicant should be 18 years of age, should not have defaulted on payment, a good credit score and self-employed should have been trading for more than 12 months. For applicants documents, should provide PAN card, Aadhaar card, Voter ID or any photo ID proof, Passport size photograph, for address Passport, Aadhaar card or electricity bill is acceptable and if we talk about Income then have to submit Salary slip, Income tax return for 2 to 3 years for self-employed.

What Are The Facts And Figures To Know About AMEX Gold Credit Card?

For having any credit card, you should know the facts and figures about this card because these things make your decision strong. Nowadays every single information you can have on Internet, so why don’t you use it for useful details. Look below points which we are giving you to make up your decision more strong and think about is American Express Gold credit card worth it for you

  • Get one membership reward points for every spend of Rs 50 except on insurance, fuel
  • Earn 4,000 bonus membership reward points for using the card thrice within 60 days of the issuance, post the payment of annual fee
  • Get 20% off every time on dining at select restaurants
  • Get benefits on travel bookings with MakeMyTrip site
  • Emergency card replacement facility is available
  • Redeem reward points for the fabulous 18 carats and 24-carat gold collection
  • With Gold credit card you need to pay, joining fee Rs 1,000 with applicable GST and Rs 4,500 annual fee with applicable GST

How Can You Have Rest Privileges Of American Express?

In one credit card, you have a variety of offers that match your taste, habits and lifestyle. If you want to utilise your gold credit card for shopping, dining, online payments, rewards then AMEX is for you.

Apply For A Card: To have all the facilities, need to apply for a card. For this, you can view their guidelines via a website, understands the applying criteria, fill the information personal and professional, upload self-attached documents and finally click the OK button for submission.

Online Payment Services: After receiving the card, you are avail to pay online, viewing your transaction records and can use whenever you want to. For online payment login official site of AMEX, register yourself with fill the personal and employment details, your credit card 16 digit number and documents. After that, you can utilise your unique ID and password to open for beneficial uses. Through online service, can log in your ID to net banking, mobile banking, autopay or NEFT. Select any of them and pay all the utility bills on time.

Bank Statement: One more privilege you have, when you are using online service and, that is bank statement. If you are using net banking site for your repayments, so can view your expenses, credit card limit, points and previous data related to your gold credit card.

American Express Customer Care Services: For your gold credit card related doubts, you have various options to contact them. You can call, write an email and send SMS. Pick one as per your comfortability and clear your doubts as soon as possible. You have their contact details on AMEX website.  

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