Nintendo Goes Well Offer Games On Smartphones And Tablets

Good news for fans of video game players on mobiles! Nintendo has announced an agreement with Japanese mobile developer DeNA and this partnership is far from trivial because it explicitly allows this company to operate all licenses of the Japanese giant. No doubt, our lives are going to take a whole new turn. The Japanese giant has just made its Cultural Revolution: Mario, Zelda, Kirby and the other will soon be able to frolic in our mobile devices.

One Size Covenant

Big N has partnered with DeNA – Japanese giant mobile – to develop such securities. About 171 millions that the two entities will invest in each other, in order to strengthen their “synergies” and the means to develop titles and mobile services. “The connected devices affect the greatest number, and thus the greatest potential for us to reach a large number of consumers,” explained Satoru Iwata, CEO of the company in Kyoto.

To ensure the quality of the gaming experience that consumers expect from this alliance between Nintendo and DeNA, only new original games optimized for the capabilities of smart devices will be created, rather than wear created specifically for games Wii U and Nintendo 3DS consoles. – Blog of DeNA.

This also applies to the younger generation, and all the parents have noticed. Children and adolescents spend more time on their phone than on their Nintendo DS, their PS Vita or even their home console.

An Expanded Universe

The boss of Big N precise strategic thinking: “We want to build a bridge between smart devices and consoles dedicated video games that connect users to our video game systems.

Nintendo and DeNA think big as they are planning to develop a new environment “compatible with various devices such as PCs, smartphones, tablets and existing consoles from Nintendo.”

Both actors should develop a service with membership that will utilize this environment and will be launched in autumn 2015, if all goes as planned. The statement did not specify whether this membership will be free or paid.

Developing a New Console

Moreover, as to counterbalance this opening and indicate to the market and users that Nintendo did not abandon its historical business consoles manufacturer, Satoru Iwata said at the conference: “Let me confirm that Nintendo is currently developing a new platform dedicated game with a brand new concept. It bears the NX code name. “He also stated that” it is too early to give more details on this project, but we hope you share more information with you this year. ” An appointment he could be taken from E3 2015, which will be held next June in Los Angeles?

Nintendo is a beautiful operation. The firm has long been reluctant to offer its mobile games. But instead of more and more of the games in the uses, especially the impact of these practices on the sales of portable consoles has certainly convinced the CEO of Nintendo to get started. So the arrival of Nintendo games on your smartphone, it welcomes you?

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