Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows

We know how essential it has become to have a good anti virus on PC, Desktop’s, Laptops to protect from the malicious virus programs. Now everyone aware the importance of having an antivirus, malware protection and web security their devices to get protected from the huge vulnerability of getting infected by viruses and malware programs. These virus programs very annoying and sometimes become a very serious, dangerous threat to our data in the system memory. So, having an antivirus can scan for malicious programs, detects, prevents from such threats. These antivirus must be updated on a regular basis to get updated protection for your device system. Here we list top most antivirus recommended by the IT professionals, Programmers, Hackers and Researchers.

Bit Deferender

Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows

The bit defender is in top place with its quite impressive performance. It has consistently stood among top best antivirus while upgrading with new features. This antivirus program provides best AV-test results. Bit defender offers features like antivirus, identity protection, blocking malware programs, prevents from running malicious scripts and good performance. This software comes anti-spyware, PC-tuneup, optimizer and secure browsing features. The Bit Defender doesn’t slow up your PC as some other antivirus programs do. It is also provides high security for the online transactions. It also checks the system settings and registry files safety.

Web Root

Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows1

Like other antivirus programs this antivirus detects virus programs and malware by comparing with its enormous database file lists of malware file names. But the biggest difference between the other anti virus and this software is the virus database doesn’t reside on your PC memory, but it is cloud storage, so you must be connected to internet 24*7 to perform the scanning procedure. Its high end performance gave a better result in AV-tests in different labs. The features like custom scan, scheduled scan, full and deep scan are included, it is also comes with identity shielding and phishing shading settings. Backup & synching options are extra attractive features comes with web root antivirus.


Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows2

The antivirus comes with anti-spam, anti-phishing, firewall, secure browsing, firewall and parental monitoring features which are part of most popular antivirus softwares. This software gives special kind purchase offers for the same person who purchases, licenses for multiple devices on multiple platforms. This application stood in top 5 anti virus softwares list with its performance and recently won an AV-test innovation award for the year. It gives extra security while performing banking transactions.


Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows3


In terms of scanning for the suspicious files, blocking, quick detection, USB protection, exact detection of infected files, malicious behaviors of the program, detecting ambiguous programs running Avira performs far better and stands in competition with top antivirus programs. The best feature of this software is its simple, non-annoying interface, its simple and clean but works at the high end. It doesn’t slow up the PC performance. It performed well under AV-test and zero day malware detections.


Top 5 Anti Virus Software’s For Windows1

This is one more top rated anti virus that comes with some advanced features. This software provides active protection technology that instantly blocks the virus programs, the time it takes to block is in the milliseconds that makes it special feature. It includes features like anti-spyware, two-way firewall protection, site advisor, scheduled scanning, virus alerting system, quick clean and disk defragramenter. This also stood top list in AV-test and zero day vulnerability detection. In terms of providing web security, secure banking transactions this performs better than the other applications.

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