Meditation Poses Alternative Treatment Methods for the Depressed Patients.

Studies have shown how easy it has become to get irritated these days with the exaggerated interpretations of brain imaging. With the advent of technology, one single MRI is capable enough to bring in focus even the innermost feelings, and along with it comes up the inflated claims about the understanding of the biological basis of the entire human mental process. All these irritations have actually led a number of thoughtful people to declare that no one can actually achieve a truly sophisticated understanding of the biological foundation of complex activity of human beings.

For a matter of fact, there are even arguments, which claim that 마음수련실체 cannot base their treatment of mental disorders on the same empirical evidence as the physicians who can treat the disorders of the body. The biggest problem for most of the people is that they cannot point out the underlying biological reasons for most of the psychiatric disorders. Studies have indeed shown that human beings do nowhere near understand these mental disorders while they can easily have a concrete idea about what is going wrong with the liver or the heart.

But experts claim that things have actually started changing. Let’s consider the biology of depression; human beings have begun to discern the outlines of the complex neural circuit which becomes disordered while someone goes through depression. Several brain scanning techniques have been used so that all the individual components of the circuit can be identified. In some of the recent studies that have been done on depression, human beings suffering from it are given two types of treatment- one, the cognitive behavioral therapy which is a form of psychotherapy that trains the people to view all their feeling in a positive way, and the other being antidepressant medication. It has even been noticed that those who started with below-average baseline activity in the right place, responded well to the cognitive behavioral therapy, but not to the medication problems. On the contrary, patients who have come up with above-average activity have responded to the antidepressant, but unfortunately, not to cognitive behavioral therapy.

Hence it can be ascertained that 마음수련실체 can easily predict and determine the response of the depressed patients to some of the specific treatments from the very baseline activity in the right phase of the brain. But while these are being talked of, the role that meditation or cognitive behavioral therapy play in treating the depressed patients cannot be ignored under any circumstances. However, medical health care experts claim these anti-depressants to have no side effects, it is not absolutely true. When stretched over a long time period, the nerve cells are found to get weaker when exposed to these anti-depressant pills.

But meditation is one particular practice that could never be beaten under as a treatment for depression. It not only relaxes the nerve tissues but also helps people strengthen their behavioral activities and grow up strong in the community.

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