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Many dental experts advise people to visit the dental clinic as often as possible to take regular check up. It will ensure they do not have any dental issues and also they can get some ideas to maintain the oral health. But most of the people are not considering this as a main issue and they will visit the clinic even if they are affected by any problem. When people are doing mistakes like that, they have to face many serious consequences. Also they have to take many treatments to cure the problem. Therefore it is recommended that people must get the expert’s advice to keep their dental condition in the proper manner.

Dental Experts in Tempe

There are many dental clinics in Tempe and also there are many experts to treat the dental problems whatever the people. But most of the people prefer the Hatch family dentist in Tempe, Arizona. The main reason for the people’s preference is the highly experienced professionals in the clinic. Since they have the excellent knowledge in the field, they have treated many people with dental problems. Most particularly there are three experts in the clinic and the information about them is given below. Dr. Hyrum G.Hatch D.D.S.: He is the chief dental expert in the clinic and he has completed his degree at Brigham young university which is located in Utah. Later he went to California and completed doctorate. He has completed his graduation in the University of Southern California School of dentistry. He is working as a lecturer as well as a clinician for more than 27 years. He has the wide knowledge of many dental practises and he has cured many severe problems.

  • Jennifer H.Konkle D.D.S.: She is the daughter of Dr.Hatch and she has completed her degree in the nutritional science in the Brigham young university. She also completed the degree in Doctor of Dental surgery in the Texas University. She has received many awards for her clinical performance. She is also a member of central Arizona dental society.
  • Mason B.Konkle D.D.S.: He has completed his engineering degree at Brigham Young University. He developed the interest in the dental field and completed a degree in the University of Texas and graduated in Doctor of dental surgery. He has got special training in intravenous sedation in the Southern California University. He is also a member of Arizona dental association.

Fix Appointment & Meet the Dentist

Since it is the most familiar clinic of family dentist in Tempe, Arizona people can get better treatment here. They do not need to search for the clinic. They can get the address and the contact detail on the official website of the clinic. Also they can fix the appointment by submitting the online application. The site includes the list of services offered in the clinic and it will be helpful for the people to ensure whether they can get the particular treatment or not. The patients can also take the health insurance policies in the clinic.

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