Rel On A Professional And Caring Attorney For Your Civil & Criminal Law Needs

With over 25 years in the civil and criminal law domain, Ann Sheeley is a strong name to reckon with in Rhode Island and Massachusetts. She has deep knowledge and legal expertise in law and has helped many people in the area get the justice they deserve. Ann has her own law firm in Newport called Sheeley Law. She and her team of legal experts work round-the-clock to render legal assistance and justice to those who seek her intervention in their civil or criminal law cases.

Ann is professional and caring as a lawyer. When you meet her for the first time, she will listen to every aspect of your case patiently. She is compassionate even if you are entangled in a criminal case. No matter how small or big the accusations are, Ann Sheeley will defend you vehemently till the verdict. She will also stick with you in personal injury cases. These cases are very sensitive and they do take a toll on the person who is affected. She is an attorney who will actively ensure you get compensation and justice for the wrong done. She also will not charge you legal representation fees till she has obtained the compensation for you. In such cases, she is more of your friend over a professional lawyer deputed to represent your case.

Ann has a very standard of work ethics and she respects all her clients. She understands their cases thoroughly before she devises an action plan for legal representation. This action plan is well -devised and in most cases is positive for her clients. Her profound knowledge of the law ensures she chalks out a strategy that will protect the legal interests of the client from all angles. Ann is a hardworking attorney and she is not only respected by her clients but deeply revered by her peers too.

Ann never believes in delays. She is prompt and very proactive. Her team and office staff is equally good at helping people who come to her for their legal suits. With the aid of Ann and her team, clients and their families are able to alleviate much of the stress and tensions that are associated with civil and criminal law litigation in the region.

Ann Sheeley of Sheeley Law always makes it a point to help clients understand their legal rights. Unfortunately, there are many people who do not even know that there are laws and regulations of the land to protect them. Ann always ensures that all her clients understand the laws and the developments of the case well. She believes in being honest and this is why she is one of the most trusted and credible lawyers in the Newport region of Rhode Island. Ann will always review your case and give you practical options. She will even take pains to interpret the difficult sections of the law for you so that you are never in the dark. She is your friend you can trust whenever you are entangled in a criminal or civil law suit.

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