Choosing The Right Gun For Personal Protection

You may never know when you might have to defend yourself and your family in this dangerous world. Hence, it is always better to be safe and own you own set of weapons for your protection. Today, the markets are saturated with a variety of gun models and designs, which makes it that much harder for you to choose the right weapon that suits your needs and your style. Here is a simple guide to help you make the right decision in gun choice.


Handguns are small, compact, easy to conceal and can be stored virtually anywhere – in your home, in your car, in a holster, etc., which makes it one of the most convenient types of guns to own for home protection. Most modern handguns are semi-automatic, where a new round is loaded into the chamber automatically once the existing bullet is shot. Thus, you can continue to shoot your weapon by repeatedly squeezing the trigger until the ammo clip is empty.


Shotgun is considered to be the ultimate weapon for home defense. Shotgun ammo comprises of a number of pellets stored in a single shell, which when fired from a gun expels all the pellets in the shell in a general direction, thus covering a larger area. Owing to this property, shotguns are generally considered to be easier to master. Although shotguns are not intended to kill, they can cause severe damage and incapacitate the perpetrator.


These are the “big-bad” guns everyone is familiar with. Names like AR-15, AK 47, M4, etc are all classified under rifles. However, only limited models are legally available for commercial gun owners. These can be fitted with a scope, which will make them highly accurate, and since they ought to be shoulder fired, they also offer greater stability while shooting. Rifles have multiple shooting options – single shots, burst mode and fully automatic.

A gun owner who opts for Thunder Beast Arms for sale at Omaha Outdoor thus takes greater responsibility in protecting not only his family, but also in responsible use of his gun. One must always adhere to the local and federal laws in carrying a weapon and should be considerate in public. The gun is to be used only for protection and should not be wielded around in public without a proper reason to do so. Stay safe. Stay protected.

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