5 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass In The Minimum Possible Time

5 Ways To Gain Muscle Mass In The Minimum Possible Time

This is a well known fact that those muscles which are used become stronger and those muscles which you don’t use quite often get weaker or smaller with time. So it is quite obvious to work out those muscles we want to make bigger and stronger. When we talk about physical activities, there are different types of activities you can opt for. There are several sports and exercises which have the potential to pump blood into your muscles in order to grow them bigger.

In this article we will discuss 5 ways to increase your muscle mass fast. Here are some tips to make your muscles bigger and well toned in the minimum possible time frame.

Number of Calories


The number of calories you should consume depends on several aspects like, your body weight, gender, age and the lifestyle you are presently living. There is a simple rule that multiply your body weight to 20. Suppose you have 150 pounds of weight, then 150X20=3000. This means you need 3000 cal daily to increase the size. You may find it difficult to eat this much of healthy calories every day if you are not used to eating in good amount. You can also use D-Ribose after consulting with your physical trainer.

Exercise Big Muscle Groups

Studies have shown that training big muscle groups will give a head start to your muscle building program and this will help you gain faster and bigger muscle mass. It is imperative on your part to involve these muscle groups once a week at the minimum. The largest muscle groups are legs, chest, and back muscles.

Lift Progressively

When you are lifting weights, your muscles became habitual of holding it. In order to shock your muscles, you have to change the weights when you think you are comfortable to increase it. For example if you can lift hundred pounds of weight while doing bench press in your first week, then add 10 pounds in the second week. You can keep on adding 10 pounds till you achieve your goal. This will make your muscles not to get complacent and they will continue growing. The increase in the amount of weight will make your muscles grow stronger to handle the weight. This process helps your muscle get bigger and stronger every week.

Change Your Exercise Routine

For example if you are training your body parts 2 times a week, you can opt for training only once every week. You can also opt for doing two muscle groups at a time like you can opt for chest and triceps on Mondays and back and biceps on Tuesdays. Do legs and shoulder Wednesday. You can repeat the same workout routine for the remaining days of the week. This will bring more pressure on these muscle groups forcing them to grow bigger.

Use Health Products

Health products are designed to bring targeted results within the stipulated time frame. This is a good source of getting all the nutrients and vitamins and you can use them safely after consulting with your physical trainer. In case of nutritional gaps, health products will provide you enough nutrients to produce good muscles. D-Ribose is also used by bodybuilders successfully.

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