Beginner’s Rules For Better Dressing

Beginner’s Rules For Better Dressing

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Most men grow up without any interest in their personal style, nor do they try to develop ways to dress smartly. All the information available online, is confusing and depreciate your self-esteem. It sucks, doesn’t it?

Even after being smart in your particular domain you get mocked for your dressing sense. Even after all the negative comments, you find it tiresome to begin with your wardrobe makeover. But you have no clue, how to begin? Where your focus should be? Don’t worry you are not the only one who is facing this issue. Many still face the problem because they are unaware when and how to upgrade their wardrobe from graphic tees and hoodies to something more. Instead of dressing like a slob, go through the article and be someone you are proud of.

If you are a style rookie just follow the below-mentioned rules, and you will be pleasantly surprised to see the results yourself. It doesn’t matter whether you are a style rookie or an expert it will definitely help you.

Start From Scratch

It does not mean you have to discard all your clothes (Anyways, you won’t be able to shop if you are naked). It means making a promise to yourself, that you will bring a change in your wardrobe, into something that is more elegant, simple and refined.

Forget Everything you know about Shopping

You are bound to come across things that you seemed inconsequential, but they turned to be vital while things you thought were important were full of crap.

It will be easier if you consider yourself a beginner. So that nothing diminishes the light of wisdom, or you will make a horrible fashion blunder.

Beginner’s Rules For Better Dressing

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Get the Basics Right

Getting rid of the previous junk and focusing yourself on the basics is half the work done.  Start by building a foundation

Rebuilding your entire wardrobe is not as difficult as it sounds. Begin by buying items that go well with almost everything, like white cotton/linen shirts, blue jeans, grey sweaters and casual tees without prints (text prints or graffiti are a big NO).

Simplicity is the Key

The fundamental fact that you should not forget is that you are a man, not a boy. Dressing extravagantly is useless. “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.”- Leonardo DaVinci

When you dress for an occasion dress like a man simple and elegant.

Get the Right Fit

It should always be your priority whenever you go out for shopping.If you get this wrong, it will sabotage everything. Even if you think this article is crap just follow this rule and it will change your opinion.

Expand Your Options

Don’t be one of those guys that wears the same outfit. You need a bit of variety. Monotonicity is boring. You can expand your wardrobe options while you trim your wardrobe size as well. The trick is to plan your wardrobe such that you can wear all your clothes together. Layering up with different outfits create an impressive outfit.

Beginner’s Rules For Better Dressing

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Don’t follow the Trends Blindly

To be stylish, you don’t have to follow the latest trend. It is vital to develop your own style, try new things and then settle for a particular style that best suits you.

There are various other things that you should not forget.

  • Instead of complicated extravagant things, wear clothes in which you are comfortable, and you can carry effortlessly.
  • Always be open to experimentation.
  • Try different colors but not everything at the same time(At max 3-4 colors at once).
  • Take criticisms and appreciations positively and work accordingly.
  • At Least, be honest with yourself and try and work within your limitations.
  • Change is not magic it will take some time be patient.
  • Acknowledge your mistakes and learn from them.

Just follow these steps and no one will stop you from being a sharp dresser.

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