5 Modern Ways To Redecorate Your Home

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When the last time you did an interior makeover? Five years ago? Don’t you think that your home deserves an overhaul after all these years? Maybe it still looks fine but seeing the same color palette and decoration for years is tiresome. It’s time to reclaim the interiors of your home with a tad of style. Check out how to make it feel fresh and exciting again.

Install wainscoting.

Wainscoting decorations are classic design elements that not only protect your walls but add a character that your place might have been missing all these times. It can give the entire room more gravitas, and such is its charm that everything else in the room will just seem like growing up around them.

If you already have wainscoting installations, give them a coat of fresh paint and apply the rule of contrast by painting the walls above them in an opposite color.

5 Modern Ways To Redecorate Your Home

Find your color.

Go for the colors that make you feel happy, relaxed, or calm. You don’t have to paint an entire room to make it looks like fresh and new. Just focus on a wall and complement the palette with some small accessories such as an area rug or the pillow covers. If painting seems too much of work, bring the colors through the bed sheets, window curtains, or some other fabrics. Remember that it’s not about making a bold statement or creating a peaceful retreat but about finding a color scheme that speaks your taste.

Furthermore, painting the old furniture pieces is also a great way to not only give new life to them but also to bring pizzazz to your décor.

Create a dining nook.

dining nook

Have you been tired of eating in the kitchen all the time? If you don’t have the luxury of a separate dining place, repurpose a corner in a suitable room. A corner sofa can do wonders as a makeshift dining area. Pair it up with a circular table, a couple of minimalist chairs, and a low-hanging pendant to create a cozy spot for dinner.

You can also choose a corner of your large living room for this purpose. The nooks are perfect for creating a room within a room. A banquette-style upholstered seating arrangement, a small coffee table, one or two chairs, and a long-neck floor lamp will be enough to create an intimate spot for the afternoon tea or a game of bridge.

Contrast is refreshing.

Sometimes, creating a contrasting vista can completely change the look of a place and can be satisfying to the eyes. For example, if the background color of a room is neutral such as gray or white, you can draw attention by choosing the furniture and upholstery in bright hues. Especially, the use of welcoming as well as cheerful blues, oranges, and greens against the backdrop of a light shade will create a light-hearted, beachy theme.

Bring minor changes.

Why? Because they are low-priced and no-hassle to implement! You can instantly change the look of an entire room just by replacing the old cushions, slipcovers, and rugs and filling up the bare walls with artwork. Adding the fabrics in lovely prints and patterns is a great way to let your personality shine through.

In addition, a big, bold rug can not only refresh the mood but also create a style statement. Rugs themselves are an art form and are a perfect way to add colors if you fear too much about experimenting on the walls. Besides, they are a brilliant decorating element that can define separate areas in an open living place.

Redecorating does not have to take weeks of hard labor or purchasing expensive, trendy piece of furniture and decorative items. These smart ideas will help you to reinvent your place within a short time and without spending much money. Just apply them and transform the space from drab to fab! Besides, they can add high value to the sale price of your home.

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