Dogs As Pets

Pets are the lovable part of a family. Those timid, friendly animals become an integral part of the house very soon. I still remember the how my younger brother placed the cute puppy on my lap on the day it entered our lives. How it had not yet opened its eyes and how it had curled up in my lap? Dogs are the favorite pets more the youngsters and adults alike. It has been in the history that dogs have always been close to humans. The sweet and protective nature of the dogs makes them perfect companion and security for the family. There are other pets such as rabbits, cats, birds, fishes, but dogs will always be special. Dogs such as Pomeranian, Doberman, pugs are a few favorite species of dogs. In Europe the bull terriers are the famous pet dogs that are sold in large quantities. The inherent qualities of a dog make them selfless. They never ask anything in return from humans. Dogs are nature’s best offered pets as they are both an emotional as well as physical support. The unconditional support and love they give are highly exceptional.

All they need in return is a never ending togetherness in which they all seek the happiness of the world. This way dogs make the best pet and best friend who will never keep you lonely or feeling sad. Usually dogs are territorial animals. They always are very serious about the place they live, they will not allow any stranger or another dog into their territory. In fact they will protest another pet at home. This jealousy and anger are only their behavior that adds extra security to your home. Dogs are highly intelligent and talented animals that are great fun when played with. The owner shall teach their pet dog to socialize with the members closer to family, neighbors, relatives and friends. Any person other than those in your circle can be a danger to you; dogs will easily keep them away from the limits of your homes. The dogs can give security from trespassers, thieves and other antisocial elements.

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