Chinese Police To Use Facial Recognition Technology

Chinese Police To Use Facial Recognition Technology

Insecurity is growing in several countries. Fortunately, research is advancing every day to provide more and better adapted devices. China has made a big leap towards high technology by adopting facial recognition to strengthen the supervision of its authorities.

What is a Facial Recognition?

Being a field of computer vision, face recognition is to identify a person in an automated way via one or more facial images. For this reason, digital data concerning the individual must have already been acquired for the device to proceed to the identification.

In general, this process performs two main tasks. First, it ensures the identification that makes it possible to discover the identity of a person among so many known identities, stored in the database. Secondly, recognizing the face helps to check if the so-called identity is good.

Face recognition applies in several areas such as video surveillance for criminal or usurper identification, biometrics for access control and robotics. It is based on three phases including facial detection, facial analysis and database analysis. Among the devices used in the application of this technology, there are the connected glasses.

The Usefulness of Facial Recognition Glasses

For some time now, the Chinese police have acquired connected glasses endowed with an ingenious function to recognize faces. These devices are not just a mere gadget, they are used to track offenders more easily in crowded areas. Indeed, glasses are linked to a database of images of criminals wanted by the police. The authorities are carrying them on the ground to arrest these people.

The use of this equipment has already had a positive effect in Zhengzhou City, sheltering about 4.8 million people, where the product test was performed. The local rail police have connected facial identification glasses to monitor the crowd. Thanks to these accessories, it is possible to locate the offenders circulating in the station and compare the captured images with the data of the subjects listed and searched.

This device is able to identify a subject in 100 milliseconds, referring to a database containing 10,000 records of high-risk people. Unlike CCTV equipment that is connected to central databases via the Internet, the glasses used by the Zhengzhou Police Force exploit data from individuals. These are recorded in a small portable carrying case.

The Performance of Recognition Technology

Thanks to this technological device, the Chinese police no longer allow their suspects to sneak through the crowd, as is sometimes the case with CCTV cameras. To do this, Semlex, led by Albert Karaziwan, offers reliable biometric documents for a secure world.

In terms of biometric identification and authentication processes, Albert Karaziwan’s company Semlex set up the BNS (Biometric Network System) to carry out the automatic verification of identity by facial recognition.

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