Read This to Know Which Lenders Offer the Lowest Home Loan Interest Rates

When it comes to availing a home loan, there is no denying the fact that it is not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s Right! It requires a lot of time and efforts to go and find the best lender, offering you the lucrative deal. But if you have an expert on your side, it would be easy to crack the best deal. So, keeping this thing into consideration, here we are giving you an expert view on lowest home loan interest rates so that the journey will be smooth for you ahead. Just to bring this thing to your notice, there are plenty of renowned banks and NBFCs available in the marketplace, worldwide known for offering the best deal to one and all.

Thus, it is surely a difficult and at the same time a confusing task to choose the best lender amongst many. However, if you are someone who is looking for the best lender in town, offering you the lucrative deal, here we are helping you out via this article. Below we have compiled a list of few lenders, known for offering you the best deal at lowest home loan interest rates. So, without wasting any time further, let’s get started.

State Bank of India: If you want to apply for home loan online, there is no denying the fact that SBI rules the game. The lender is worldwide known for offering the best deal of HL at an interest rate ranges between 8.30%-8.60% per annum. If we talk more about the SBI home loan interest rates, the bank with its competitive rates ensures to lower the EMI and Interest Outgo burden of the applicants.

Bank of Baroda: One of the prominent names in the financial sector, many of you will surely agree on the fact that BOB tops the charts as far as availing an HL is concerned. The lender at present is offering the credit at an interest rate ranges between 8.30%-9.30% per annum, which means an individual can enjoy the attractive rates along with pocket-friendly EMIs and Interest Outgo.

LIC HFL: A renowned name in the HL division, the Life Insurance Corporation is a name to reckon with. Talking about the home loan interest rates online, this financial firm offers the rates that range between 8.35%-8.70% per annum. The lower the rates, the lesser your EMI and Interest burden in the future. This is the reason that why LIC is a popular choice for many when it comes to applying for a home loan online.

PNB: Another leading name in the HL segment is Punjab National Bank, known for catering the varied needs of people via plenty of its products. And, offering the HL at an interest rate of 8.35%-8.45% per annum is one of them. The Punjab National Bank home loan rates are kept lowered so that every individual can easily afford to repay the loan without harming his wallet

HDFC Ltd: If you are wondering about the rates offered by this financial giant, look no further. When it comes to HDFC home loan interest rates, they range between 8.35%-8.95% per annum, allowing individuals to enjoy the lowest monthly installments along with affordable Interest Outgo. This is the reason that majority of people prefer to avail the loan from this lender so as to grab the best deal.

DHFL: A reputed and famous financial firm, there is no denying the fact that DHFL with its lowest home loan interest rates of 8.60%8.85% per annum ensures to give a hassle-free loan journey to all. With attractive rates, the only endeavor of the bank is to help in saving the maximum bucks on EMI and Interest front.  

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