The Execeptional Safety Features in a Toyota

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Toyota puts a great deal of concentrate on every component of each and every one among their vehicles. They have made safety a top priority and in order to keep all Toyota owners safe they already have created the Toyota Safety Sense. This is one of a ton of features that you will understand about with regards to the Toyota vehicles when you pay a visit to the Toyota dealer in Newport.

The Toyota Safety Sense is certainly a comprehensive safety package that features the pre-collision assist with pedestrian detection, Lane departure alert, auto high beams, and dynamic radar cruise control. These safety systems have already been designed to protect the occupants of the vehicle in regards to collisions, lane departure’s and with visibility that is poor at night.

The pre-collision system works off a forward facing radar that has a camera that has the capacity to scan the road ahead. If the system detects the possibility that a collision may occur it will send an alert both audible and visually, and the brake assistance system will be automatically activated. When the driver has not yet applied the brakes, when the system detects that the collision can not to become avoided the brakes are automatically engaged.

The technology that is integrated for the lane departure alert is literally amazing. By using a intricate camera the machine is able to determine where the painted lane markers are on your way, and should you begin to drift out of your lane you will receive an alert.

In terms of nighttime driving visibility is everything which is totally enhanced with the auto high beams. Instead of having to worry about switching between your low and high the system can do it for yourself.

Another great and impressive safety feature is of the pedestrian detection. They have the capability so that you can warn you of a possible collision having a pedestrian. In the event you not heed the warning the automatic braking and collision avoidance will kick in.

Finally there is the dynamic radar cruise control. This system has the ability to not just determine the space of the vehicle ahead of you but at what speed it is travelling, and in some cases it is going to adjust your speed to accommodate this. These are just a few of the highlights in the Toyota measures for your safety. Check out all the great Toyota vehicles available at

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