How Beneficial Are Data Analytics Certification In 2018?

Organizations whether big or small are dealing with so much data (both structured and unstructured) in a day that hiring personnel with a right skill set becomes a tad difficult. And this is where certifications in Big Data come handy along with a certified course in Machine Learning. But before we move on to data analytics certifications lets know more about Big Data Analyst.

What Is Big Data Analyst?

While searching for jobs in Big Data you must have come across a term called Big Data Analyst. But do you know who or what is a big data analyst? Well a big data analyst is someone who can take the relevant data from the continuous stream of structured and unstructured data, analyze it and then represent it in a format that helps an organization in making informed decisions regarding their business and markets.

Since a big data analyst is dealing with loads of confidential data of an organization, the companies are quite choosy about hiring personnel with right skill set who have certain certifications proving their skill set in handling data. And this is where Big Data Analytics Certifications will come handy in ensuring that you stand out amongst your peers applying for that job.

Big Data Analyst Certifications

In a data-driven market, Big Data Analyst plays an important role of sifting through all the data and present it in a format that helps in making sharp data-driven decisions, it is important for the recruiters to hire a person who has a certification from a reputed institute to back his or her credentials as a Big Data Analyst. And here are some of the reputed Big Data Analytics Certifications that you can choose from.

  1. Data Science Council of America (DASCA): Dasca offers two major Big Data Analytics Certifications to its students namely ABDA or Associate Big Data Analyst, and SBDA or Senior Big Data Analyst. ABDA or Associate Big Data Analyst Certification is for those who have either completed or about to complete their undergrad degree in business, management, marketing or statistics and other related fields. SBDA or Senior Big Data Analyst Certification is for those who have been working in a Big Data Space for at least a year and has completed a degree course in above mentioned subjects.
  2. Hortonworks Certifications: You can also choose from the certifications from Hortonworks. Hortonworks offer certifications based on your skills and your experience. It also offers certifications for entry level applicants.
  3. Cloudera Certifications: Cloudera Certifications offer specific Cloudera Certified Data Analyst Certifications that will enable you to get that job both at an entry level and at a senior level.
  4. SAS Certifications: SAS Global Certification Program offers numerous certifications in the field of Big Data. You can choose from the one that suits you the best and go for it. However, here is a catch for SAS Global Certifications and that you need to use SAS applications.
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