Footwear Defines A Scene Girl-Know How!

Yes, your footwear actually defines your personality in various ways. Many girls wear a perfect look to their clothing but don’t give any extra attention to their footwear. But for a complete scene girl look, you need to be well groomed even from your bottom i.e. your footwear has to be just PERFECT!

  • Flip flops are not only cool, but they also add to the look of a scene girl. So, Go grab a pair of cool flip flops and wear to you college or on a day out. These days there are a lot of flip flops available in facebook prints, google prints, whatsapp prints and even angry bird prints. Look out for such flip flops for yourself to add that cool quotient to your daily wear look.
  • Wear flats like ballet shoes that are available in almost any colour. Ballet shoes can be worn underneath your normal jeans, skirts and even shorts. Neon coloured ballet shoes are a must in your wardrobe. Ballet shoes definitely give you a more confident look required to be a scene girl.
  • Suede shoes with multi coloured laces are also a good choice over your sports shoes. Team it up with any of your jeans/jeggings./leggings
  • Heels have always been a part of a women’s wardrobe. But to become a perfect scene girl, get a lot of different type of heels for yourself. Start by getting a pair of wedges which gives a more confident look. Buy stellittos in bright neon colours. These would help enhance your boldness and make you appear more slimmer and of course glamorous. Also add kitten heels, spool heels and pumps to your wardrobe.
  • Now lastly what you need to complete your scene girl footwear wardrobe are the BOOTS. Yes, boots are definitely required. Buy boot made up of different materials like, leather, suede, cotton, and even wool. All these are easily available. Also, get them in different sizes and shapes. Do not just stick to one size. Experiment more to attain that perfect scene girl look.

Now, these were some tips to enhance your scene girl quotient!!

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