How To Maintain Compact Excavator In The Best Way

Excavator is very useful for its two basic conceptions. These are boom swing and zero-tail swing. Both of these features have become the necessity with the worldwide trend of diversified construction sites. It is very important to keep the excavator in the best working condition. In this article we will tell you the ways to keep your compact excavator in the functional state.

Aspects to be Checked under Regular Maintenance Activities

There are different parts of the excavator that needs to be thoroughly checked as a part of maintenance activities. These are mentioned below as:

  • Checking the pressure of tire, and any visible wear or tear
  • Leakage of oil or water from implement or tractor
  • Checking the transmission and engine oil, radiator, coolant, recovery tank, and fuel level
  • Any sort of damage to the body of the tractor,
  • The tightness of all nuts, bolts, and pins
  • Damages in the accessory blades and belts
  • Parking brake, safety switches, speed control lever, and easy checker functions
  • High noise or weird vibrations
  • Changes in the initial oil and filter. This helps in maintaining adequate functioning of the track motors, engine, hydraulic system, and air filter.
  • Checking the levels of engine and hydraulic oil.
  • Checking the fuel and water separator.
  • Greasing pivot points present on the working group.
  • Adjustment of track.
  • Greasing of the points on the boom is the easiest and affordable ways to keep an excavator in the running condition,
  • Daily cleaning of the panel and hood screens, radiator screen and core, and air cleaner

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Where are Excavators Commonly Used?

These excavators are commonly used worldwide in various construction jobs such as building of roads, municipal works, landscaping, pipe-laying, water conservation projects and much more. These are tough, reliable, easy, and efficient to operate and service. They have built in innovative and robust features that allow them to give best performance under the toughest conditions. provides a rich source of manuals for various types of vehicles. These are available for instant downloading.

What is the need for the Maintenance of Excavators?

It is very necessary to conduct maintenance activities on periodic intervals of time when managing a compact excavator. Selecting the right device and spending fixed time on regular basis on its upkeep will increase the life of the device and also save you from incurring hefty expenses in the future.

Regular maintenance activities also provide hassle free operation of the machine in the long-term.  Also taking these bulky machines to the repair centers will cost you a huge expense. In this way closer attention to the maintenance schedules will avoid several trips to the repair center and keep the machine productive on the workplace. Kubota manuals provide extensive range of repair and service manuals.

With increasing cost of transportation and repair, it is very significant to perform regular maintenance of the excavator. For performing regular routine activities, it is important to find a reliable and experienced repair center that carry out necessary machine checks to keep the machine on the workplace performing at its best instead of left idle in the repair center.

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