Correct Interpretation Of Maintenance Data Of Step up And Step Down Transformers

It’s a sensible way to maintain stepup transformer and step down transformers- with correct interpretation of maintenance data from transformers, you can increase the reliability, long life, and efficiency of the transformer. It also helps in determining the need of replacement.

Data collected with routine inspection and regular tests on transformers when these are in operation will let you know the approaching service issues. Once you come across all the issues, you can then take corrective measures. It would be great if the maintenance records of available transformer are effectively interpreted as it would help in predicting the right time to service transformer. This further let you to take apt replacement measures without any impact of a sudden loss.

Correct Interpretation Of Maintenance Data Of Step up And Step Down Transformers

If you notice any change in sound level and cannot get the reasons, you need to check the input or output voltage on the transformer as the sound level of transformer is very sensitive to changes in voltage. It’s like when there is an increase in voltage, sound level will automatically rise.

It is crucial for you to ensure that the measured voltage is within the rating given at nameplate for the tap setting on the transformer. If the tap voltage consistently exceeds by more than 5%, the transformer will get over-loaded. It should be de-energized and voltage rating should not exceed by 5%. When you do this, you will notice unexpected increase in sound level caused by internal damage, which shorted one or more winding turns in the primary winding.

If you encounter such trouble, you should immediately remove the transformer from service for acceptance tests. If you have liquid filled transformers, you can keep the machine in service and take oil samples for gas-in-oil analysis every month.

The liquid or oil level should vary with the top-oil temperature, as the pressure of tank varies with a sealed type transformer. The level of oil should not be down below the minimum indication on the gauge or exceed the maximum point during extremes of operating conditions. If any of these things happen, consult manufacturer or take help of manual to know the right oil level.

When you do correct interpretation of maintenance data, you get one step closer to great practice for transformer maintenance that enhances the durability, longevity, and productivity of the device. You can source steup transformers manufacturers from India in your town at affordable rates. Though the price of a transformer is not less and this is why manufacturers always suggest taking proper care of the transformers to escape from unnecessary expenses.

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