How Many Styles Are There To Wear Traditional Indian Sarees Available At Online Stores?

Traditional Indian Sarees

Sarees is an oldest Indian traditional wear that has become popular across the world. Today there are stores that are selling traditional Indian sarees online and making the outfit famous worldwide. The best thing about this traditional wear is that it’s a one size fits all and most versatile dress. It ranges from 4-9ft long fabric having defined textures, beading, and borders. You can get a comprehensive collection of traditional Indian sarees at e-stores that fit any size, any budget, and any occasion.

Sarees can be worn to the temple, wedding, or even a cocktail party. There are many ways to wear sarees.

In above sketch, you can see eight different styles to carry a saree. Women in India from different regions don a saree in one of these styles. Starting from left to right- devdas style, maharani style, North pride, Indo western, Gujarati western, northern style, northern bridal style, and mumtaz style are few styles that can never go out of fashion.

Gujarati/ North Indian Style Saree

This style was first introduced in the North. In this style, woman drapes the Pallu of a saree over her right shoulder from back to front in pleats. She pulled one of the pleats across the midriff and pinned in the back. You can try this style if you are conscious about your midsection.

Devdas or Bengali Style Saree

The style belongs to Bengal, but it got into limelight after release of Devadas movie. There are fewer folds in this style- there are several variations to this style today.

There is one more style of wearing a saree trending in the market- dhoti style. It is a fusion style that many girls are loving and trying it. Another one is saree gown- drape style. It is a best way to have a western look in a traditional outfit. Isn’t great? You don’t need to spend lots of bucks on different outfits. You just need to buy traditional Indian wedding sarees online and wear them in most trendy style to rock the event!

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