Market’s Best Quadcopter Priced Under Dollar 100

These days market has been flooded with quadcopters of various kinds and features with some being too expensive for common man and some being extra cheap that anyone can afford. To facilitate more consumers, many companies have designed and built high performance drones with camera functionality that are priced under 100 dollars. Users now have a wide range of best quadcopters priced at pocket friendly rates. These drones usually feature camera app and let the pilot capture still photos and videos at clear angles. People sometimes look around to find affordable drones but are unable to find an appropriate choice. Proper research has to be done to explore most suitable choice to make a wise purchase.

Cool Drones with Impressive Cameras

UAVs are fun these days and are adventurous for kids of growing age. Quadcopters are popular among the youth for their fun characteristics, amusing tricks, and super cool flips. What makes quadcopters ultra-cool is the camera functionality that lets the users shoot photos and clear videos rom unique aerial angles. Majority of the camera drones are priced too high but there are some brands that are manufacturing best drone under 100 dollars to allow maximum users to enjoy the gadget without putting extra burden on the pocket. Drones with cameras priced at 100 dollars or below are total fun as one can experiment flying indoors and outdoors without the fear of breaking the gadget and wasting whole lot of money.

Popular Drones Priced at 100 Dollars

UDI U818A-1 Discovery is one of the most popular and most bought quadcopter that is priced under 100 dollars. The reason behind its popularity is its frame that is built using plastic making the gadget unbreakable. Beginners can practice flying drones with the help of this UAV without any fear to crash the device. The most compelling characteristic of this quadcopter is its high definition camera. Majority of all the drones with HD camera functionality are priced at more than five hundred dollars and this UAV available at less than 100 dollars has been attracting buyers from all over the world.

Major Features

The UDI U818A-1 discovery is packed with the following key features:

  • 4 GHz system
  • Six axis gyro
  • A thirty meter high flying capacity
  • Modular design
  • Plastic exterior
  • Four channel support
  • 500mAh batter
  • Six to nine minutes of flight duration
  • Two hours quick charging


This amazing quadcopter is an entry level UAV and offers impressive quality at a price of 100 dollars. A built in HD camera app, decent flight, and LCD display; make this quadcopter the best among low priced UAVs.

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