Why Being In A Healthy Relationship Could Improve Your Health

Everyone knows the immediate effects of being in a healthy, positive relationship: a large smile on your face, a spring in your step and a more positive demeanor. However, did you know that being in a healthy relationship can also improve your physical and mental health? If Indiana Jones knew that the secret to immortal life wasn’t the Holy Grail but rather a healthy relationship, perhaps he would have abandoned his quest and sought out a mate instead.

A Stronger Heart

When you’re in a healthy relationship, thinking about your significant other can make your heart feel like it’s swelling with love. It comes as no surprise then that being in a healthy relationship leads to a lower risk of cardiovascular disease and a decreased heart attack rate.

Published studies from publications such as the British Medical Journal have shown that, for both men and women, a healthy relationship improves overall physical health in more than just the heart. In fact, research has shown that patients in healthy relationships recover quicker from both minor injuries and surgeries.

The Copycat Effect

After spending a significant amount of time with a partner, it’s a given that you’ll start to pick up on some of their small habits. It should be no surprise that when your significant other leads a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be more inclined to lead one too. Studies have shown that when your significant other eats healthy, works out often and maintains an active lifestyle, chances are good that you’ll start to pick up those traits as well and adapt them into your daily routine.

A Healthier Brain

You won’t just reap physical benefits while in a healthy relationship, as being in one can strengthen your mental aspect as well. On average, couples who are in a state of bliss experience less depression than those who are single or are in an otherwise unhappy relationship. In fact, while many men claim to prefer the bachelor lifestyle, research at the Michigan State University shows that married men are significantly healthier and happier than they were as eligible bachelors.

If you’re over the age of 75, being in a healthy relationship can decrease the chance of dementia; couple this with a decreased risk of heart attacks, and it’s no wonder why some of the oldest humans on the planet are those with strong, healthy relationships.

Steps to Obtaining a Healthy Relationship

Now that you know the benefits of a healthy relationship, take the steps to ensure that your relationship is the best it can be. Communicate with your partner frequently; not just about the big issues, such as a budget or a lifestyle change, but about the small issues as well, such as asking how his or her day went.

Laughter is purported to be the best medicine, so sneak in a laugh with your significant other at least once a day. In many cases, frequent physical contact, such as holding hands or a surprise massage, will lead to higher degrees of happiness for both parties.

A Lifetime of Happiness

These benefits don’t just occur with romantic relationships; you can reap many of these positive health benefits from friends as well. Making sure every relationship in your life is a healthy one could just be the secret to unlocking eternal youth!

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