How To Maintain Cast Iron Bars and Products?

How To Maintain Cast Iron Bars and Products?

Cast iron is among those alloys that possess high carbon content (2% to 4%). The carbon content present in CI alloy makes it more resistant to corrosion and so the products like cast iron bars have anti-corrosion properties. We are discussing key features of cast iron and maintenance tips in this article. Read this post thoroughly and find what manufacturers of CI castings want to share about the alloy cast iron.

Cast iron can be poured into moulds when molten, which helps in developing vast range of decorative and structural forms. Cast iron can withstand compression loads yet it is weak in tension. Individual castings can be screwed or bolted together. Cast iron is heat resistant and cheaper to produce a compared to wrought iron. However, if you think it is cheaper than aluminum then you are wrong.

Premium quality and properly coated cast iron does not corrode faster if you maintain it.

How to Maintain a Cast Iron Product?

For maintenance of cast iron, you first have to understand its characteristics. Some of the characteristics are as under-

  • Cast iron oxidizes rapidly if remained uncoated and exposed to moisture and air
  • You have to coat cast iron regularly for longer protection
  • Cast iron was preserved traditionally by dry brushing and applying a thin coat of fish-oil based product.
  • You need experienced people to clean and paint cast iron as the process is potentially hazardous.

How Experts Preserve Structures Made Of Cast Iron Bars?

Preparing Surface and Cleaning and Sandblasting Cast Iron

You will need an experienced person to determine the original color scheme prior removing the paint. Prepare the surface for new protective coating by removing all loose, flaking, and worn out paint.

Sandblast aptly to remove paint and rust from the surface as it is an effective method for eliminating excessive paint build-up or substantial corrosion. Do not use heavy shot or grit blasting as it can damage the design of the product. Avoid use of copper slag on cast iron as it may cause electrolytic reactions.

You must be careful while removing the old lead paint by lowering the generation of rust or fumes. You can use chemical strippers for easy removal of paint.

Once the surface is cleaned, you can use protective coating of paint on cast iron bars to preserve them.

For more related details on maintenance of cast iron, you can anytime get in touch with the manufacturers and ask about cast iron products maintenance services.

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