Jute Carpets Are The Smart Choice For Smart People

Jute, commonly known as the golden fibre traces its usage to 17th century when the legendary business tycoons viz, the Tatas, Birlas and Bajajs undertook their first business of jute products. Well, the honour of the largest producer of Jute product goes to India. It is the second most important fibre; with the first place occupied by cotton. Under colonial rule, the British took the jute to their respective county which later spread onto other parts of the world. Usage of toxic materials and dwindling prices stimulated the trend of synthetic fibres but with environmental concerns on high alarm, the focus has again shifted to jute products. The upsurge can also be attributed to the ongoing go green trend that is the call of the hour due to environmental pollution and global warming.

It is basic human nature to get attracted to nicer and pleasant looking things. This drives the instinct for beautifying the homes with exquisite artefacts. Jute carpets prove to be the most viable option for floor space coverings. It is the just the right choice in present context for a greener and healthier world. The anti toxic attribute is the added advantage to the affordability and durability of jute carpets.

It is interesting to note that the cultivation of jute plant doesn’t require any fertilizers or pesticides. Thus, not only the usage but the production is also environment friendly. The fibres of jute plant are woven to make bags, ropes, rugs and carpets. Owing to its benefits, jute carpets has found a global market.

Well if you are still mulling over the thought of purchasing carpets, then go for Floorspace jute carpets for the benefits they bring along. We list you here some well known facts about jute carpets that would transform your choice in case you have still not thought about purchasing these carpets:

As mentioned earlier, jute carpets are easy on environment, is completely biodegradable, which means it does not release toxins or pollutants into the atmosphere on disintegration. Synthetic carpets on the other hand, spoil the ecosphere in one way or the other.

Jute carpets are sturdy in nature. Amazingly it is the strongest amongst all the natural carpets. Also, the colors last for much longer duration. One can choose from a variety of designs thereby giving you multiple choices while you are out for a shopping spree. It is amazingly effective at holding colours and thus won’t fade away with the passage of time.

It is durable and can withstand hard wear and tear. However, it is not recommended to use it in high traffic areas. Due to its strength benefits, it is the most sought after choice for floor space decoration around the globe.

Owing to the molecular structure of its fibres, jute carpets have noise absorbing qualities. It can be used in the living room or in children play room where kids usually make lot of noise.

It is anti allergic and therefore can be used for homes where members are infected with allergies or are suffering from asthma.

It is anti static. Also it does not catch fire easily as it is anti inflammable.

Unlike synthetic fibres, it does not give off any peculiar smell. Nevertheless, a fresh out of the store carpet may emit a smell but will dissipate quickly within the first few hours.

It is stain resistant. Require less maintenance. A single stroke of vacuum cleaner is suffice to ward off any dust out of it.

So, add the brightness and silky sheen to the places of abode from the vast collection of Floorspace jute carpets.

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