Essential Settings That Are Good For Your Amazon Kindle

Essential Settings That Are Good For Your Amazon Kindle

As you are using the device and want it to work smooth and fast then you need to follow the settings that are essential for your Amazon Kindle.

Some of them are listed below, so just have a look and follow them so that your device will work smooth.

Help & Feedback

When you click on the more from Quick Settings and then you need to click on the Help & Feedback, and after that the Help & Feedback screen will appear, which will provide you a world of help and allows you to interact with Amazon customer service. In case of any difficulty, you can freely contact the Amazon kindle customer support team members.

My Account

My Account option in the Settings will offer you the details related to the account to which the device is certified. To aspect your Kindle email address, you need to click on the Learn More about Your Kindle Email Address link that is available on your screen. To remove this account from your Kindle Fire HD, from the My Account screen you can click on the Unregister option.

Parental Controls

When you will click on the Parental Controls setting, you were the first presented with the option of turning the controls on. Click to turn them on, enter and confirm a password, and then click on the Finish option. In the screen of your e-reader, click on unblock the Web Browser or E-Mail, Contacts, and Calendars settings option.

Sounds & Display

If you will click on the Sounds and Display in the Settings, you see a volume slider that you can use to raise up or lower down the volume, as well as a setting for twisting Dolby Digital Plus on or off. The Dolby setting boosts up Kindle Fire HD’s sound quality but may use up more of your battery life.

Location Based Services

New with Kindle Fire HD is a location-based component that permits the e-reader to know where you are actually in the world. This is useful for some apps and Kindle Fire HD advantages that need to know where you are in order to offer the details or services such as weather or local traffic reports. To turn the setting of location-based services on or off, go to the Settings, click on the Location-Based Services and then click on the On or Off option.


It is an amazing setting that is essential while using the device. Without the Wi-Fi connection, you can’t use the video or music. So, click on wireless in the setting option to use it hassle free.

For more detailed information or in case you got stuck in any kind of difficulty then you can contact the team of experts of kindle technical support for better assistance.

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