Best Speed Seed Box At Reasonable Price

Seed box is dedicated server that will allow uploading and downloading files using public IP address. Person, who is able to access seed box, may download files in their PC or in any computer that has internet connection. A seed box is term used for getting high speed internet connection. Speed for internet using seed box is generally more than 10 mbps. Every user, who wants high speed internet access may rent seed box for one month or half year or a year. Users are looking for seed box which provide them all facilities at reasonable price. You may look for ultra seed box which have various servers for giving you internet access.

There are number of slots for ultra seed box and you can choose according to your need. Getting slot from ultra seed box will give you many facilities like: disk space, download speed, uploads speed, download traffic, upload traffic, user / disk, plex support and plex CPU, network / location, remote desktop, one click apps, open VPN and setup time. From various ultra seed boxes, you may use MIG seed box which is most popular among all users who have authorized server from ultra seed box. Getting access for MIG seed box, user will get 2TB disk space with 10 GBPS download speed and upload speed.

Some best features of ultra seed box are listed here that will encourage you to get access for such seed box:

  • Instant setup
  • Custom control panel
  • Scalability
  • Huge bandwidth
  • Support for all users with smile
  • 99 % uptime guarantee
  • You will get best service here within 7 days without putting any question. If your service is not activated, then your money will be refunded to you easily.
  • If you take large month subscription, then you will get discount offers like 10 % discount for 3 months subscription, 15 % discount for 6 months subscription and many more.
  • If you have, your all data in any old seedboxes like FTP or SSH, at ultra seed box technicians will move your whole data to your seed box without having any extra charge.
  • 5 data centers for testing slow speed and other network related problems.
  • Highly skilled and technical people are here to help all customers.

Before taking subscription from us, for any of seed box, you should check our privacy policy so that you will not have any problem in future.

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