Catalysing Employee Engagement For Better Customer Experience

Motivated employees are one of the major driving forces behind a successful organisations. It is because of a simple fact that motivated employees are way more likely to work to the best of their abilities. According to recent research by a leading BPO specialised in setting up the best-in-class inbound call centres for their clients, approximately two-thirds of employees are not engaged in the work they do. This research has brought about another astonishing finding that almost three-fourth of the customers abandon a transaction due to substandard service experience.

While there is no denying the fact that engaging call centre employees is bound to take the levels of personal motivation a notch higher, nonetheless it certainly is not an easy task to accomplish. But certain call centre solution companies take the initiative to give empowering roles to channel their motivation into delivering better customer experience.

Let us now examine in detail about how call centres can play a pivotal role in catalysing employee engagement for delivering better customer experience:

Scout them through their journey

Every employee working in a call centre vertical looks for a sense of purpose in their work. So, it is extremely important for every business unit to define a specific agenda or goal that it is trying to achieve. In order for employees of inbound call centres of such BPOs to work towards the desired objectives, these employees should have complete knowledge of what their client brands stand for and aims to achieve. Therefore, it is important to guide their call centre executives by giving them a decent background about their client brands right from its origin to its milestones and goals for achieving future success. Leading call centres focus on fostering team spirit by conducting regular offsite activities that infuses a sense of motivation among individual executives while reinforcing upon the brand goals in an appropriate context. In order to scout their employees through their journey, emphasis is laid on employees to achieve their best by conducting regular training activities and ongoing mentoring.

Aligning roles as per their skills

Employees of call centre units feel empowered when they feel that their roles are perfectly in sync with their skills. It is because of this reason that managers of various best-in-class inbound call centres direct their energies towards assessing employee skills on a regular basis. Such managers often conduct a one to one interaction with their employees and ask them candidly about what skills they believe then have attained before assigning them certain positions as per their respective skill set. In a call centre environment, an executive with exceptional interpersonal skills may prefer to spend more time on the voice or video chat processes or might be well equipped in leading a team as a manager of the voice process. Whereas, another executive may be excellent at written communications and will be well suited for live chat processes. It can thus be established that the better executives possess a self-awareness about their skills and are confident of contributing effectively to the cause.

Providing the right platform to learn

Many leading call centre units embrace the fact that professional development plays an instrumental role in engaging employees. This acts as a motivating factor for being more involved in the learning process. Leading BPOs with a team of professionals working in inbound call centres offer interesting workshops and seminars that enhance their existing skill sets and focus on developing new ones. These BPOs try to give an opportunity to try different roles across call centre teams or departments. This allows them to go beyond their comfort zone and experience great challenges. A peer monitoring system can work wonders for fostering better communication between executives and enabling each other with valuable feedback.

Embracing detailed feedback

It is important to understand the fact that employees are in direct contact with their customers. So, they can better judge exactly what the customers are experiencing. Therefore, it becomes all the more important to solicit and listen attentively to their feedback to gauge an in-depth understanding of customer preferences and work towards improving overall customer experience. With a continuous upsurge in the levels of competition, many call centre units have understood the significance of employee suggestions for better channel optimization. Some of the employee feedback may also pertain to their concerns about their client’s offerings. This will pave way for clients of such call centres to stay ahead of competition and get a 360 degree view of customer’s preferences.

We can derive a conclusion from the above discussion that when the skill sets of the employees are in sync with their roles they are performing, it is bound to deliver exceptional results for an organizational setup. This will make the employees feel empowered and will enable them to perform to the best of their abilities. When call centre executives are provided with the right platform, along with goal-oriented training activities, it will certainly pave way for delivering extraordinary customer experience.

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