Applying The Foundation Like A Professional

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Your knowledge about foundation might be obsolete because it has been a long time since cakey and masklike stuff was worn by your mom. Celebrity makeup artists claim that modern foundation feel light-weight just like a moisturizer. Celebs look great on red carpet due to the fact that they are generally wearing a foundation. It gives the skin a beautiful flawless look. Here is how it should be applied if you too want to look just like a celebrity.

Step 1: Find Your Perfect Color

Makeup Gurus are of the opinion that foundation should first be tested on the jaw line in day light. In case color disappears it will be the correct color. It is difficult to get the correct shade at drug stores so if you are not in a position to indulge on foundation, take help of beauty advisor at the department store in picking up the correct shade and request for samples to be taken and tried home. Later bring it to drug store and get the one that matches your skin tone the best.

Step 2: Prepare Your Skin

The skin should be clean and well moisturized. Let the moisturizer to sink in for five minutes before applying foundation. Until and unless you want your makeup to stay through late night, avoid a primer. Alternatively it could be used on lazy days alone to smoothen the complexion in a jiffy. Primer works excellent for minimizing the pores and giving a matt effect to the face. Get good branded primers by Nykaa coupon codes.

Step 3: Swipe it on the Right Way

Pros are of the view that for a little coverage, fingers should be used. Use sponge for more coverage. Pros prefer cosmetic sponges as this leaves the correct amount of foundation on skin. For daily use, foundation should be dabbed where needed for hiding pimples, camouflage the redness or evening out the T-zone. You should blend the makeup all over including eye area beginning in middle and working the way out for daily use. Don’t add extra layers for photo shoots or big events. Since digital cameras will not wash out, less is more.

Step 4: Use the Concealer After Foundation

Professionals believe that if the concealer is applied before, you are likely to use it more than needed. It is kept crease-free by the base of the foundation. Get the best offers and discounts on foundations at CouponDekho. You should opt for lightweight liquid in color that is one shade lighter than the skin. A small pointy brush should be used for covering darkest part of the under-eye circles. This is normally just below outer and inner corners. In case little skin flaws are not yet covered by foundation, little bit of concealer should be dabbed there. New translucent powders which reflect the light assist the skin to glow and reduce shine. Dust it in W motion and begin on one side at your hairline, swoop down right to the cheek bone and reach the bridge of the nose, go back down to other cheek and up again to opposite hairline.

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