LG G Edge: Amazing Concept To 4K Curved Screen

LG G Edge: Amazing Concept To 4K Curved Screen

LG is currently working on a new phone with a flexible 4K screen resolution, LG innovation is a mere copy of Samsung phones. It is equipped with an AMOLED display  very impressive, it is a similar idea brought to a future LG flagship.

A DBS Videography YouTube channel is a very promising young team of designers. The chain opened in the month of February and has already inspired us with a prototype of LG G 4 to aesthetics and finishes are quite remarkable.

4K AMOLED screen for the LG G Edge

On the technical specifications side, it also features a curved screen. It occupies a large part of the front of  unit and continues its  concept in addition to the side edges. With a 5.5-inch AMOLED display capable of displaying a resolution in 4K, with a retinal scanner, it could be metallic-look plastic, top and bottom edges are also slightly rounded. a front camera of 13 mega pixel and an Iris Scanner with an infrared sensor bonus. Samsung deploys an OLED screen, And rear camera for a 24 mega pixel sensor topped with a stabilized optical able to open at f / 1.8 Also with NFC and a fingerprint reader. LG plans to incorporate OLED and LCD panel are two types. LG’s OLED market has been praised by beating the Samsung AMOLED display. The Power button placed at the rear of the unit, under the photo sensor. It is obviously very difficult not to think of the Galaxy or Galaxy Edge S6 S6 + Edge.

CPU side is entitled to a 820 Snapdragon coupled with 4GB of RAM. The terminal is also equipped with a USB port and C-Type  powered by Android M, with the Android media Pay behind. Storage space depends on the models and it will be available in two different storages between 64 GB and 128 GB with a micro SD slot capable of accepting cards 2TB bonus. The battery reaches for his part a 5000 mAh capacity and with the luxury of being removable feature.

Huge fantasy, therefore, on the part of this team. But it’s also makes appeal to  this pretty cool video, which has not forgotten the pleasure of imagination. Aesthetically, this video could still influence the smartphone manufacturers  of different brands.

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