Tips To Win At Horse Racing (Kentucky Derby)

Horse Racing in General

Horse racing is a kind of sport that directly lets fans participate by means of betting. In different places, lots of money are wagered- some even go up to millions in just a day which really encourages players to practice their skills in order to win. Although getting your skills may be a long way to go, but it is worth it. But before anything else, if you’re a newbie in this sport, you should find seats first! Example, in a Kentucky Derby, find Kentucky Derby Seats first before placing any bet. Anyways, here are some tips you can follow to give you an edge among the rest.

Tips To Win At Horse Racing (Kentucky Derby)

Things to Consider

Enhance your Skills in Handicapping

Handicapping is the method of knowing which horse among them all has the biggest chance to win the race. You need to practice your intelligence in creativity. Having The Daily Race Form is important when practicing this skill. The Daily Race Form can be bought when you enter the track.

Beyer Speed Figures

These are important figures when you are practicing your handicapping skills. These are numbers that you can find in the middle part of the Daily Race Form and shows you the horses’ performance. You can look for the horse with the highest last race figures and do not choose a horse that has done poorly according to its last race figures.

Consider the Race’s Distance

Aside from distance, look at the pace and the speed of a horse since it would just indicate that the horse has some powerful combination in it. Look at how the horse runs (speed and its pacing) at different distance races. You can further determine if the horse is really strong and fast by observing it run at different distances.

Look at the Weather and the Track

Every horse has its preferred kind of track surface. Whether it’s dirt or turf. This is important in handicapping process and it’s called as “Track Bias”. Also, the weather is important. You should know if the horse can run in different kinds of weather, as the track also slightly changes (like the dirt track turning into a muddy track during rain).

Those are just some tips you can follow to help you decide which horse suits the best. For more if this, you can visit the site, Good luck on that race!

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