Tips In Buying Dress Shirts

Men nowadays not only wear a dress shirt on formal occasion, they also wear it to work or casual events. The piece of clothing is versatile, and it is a good idea to own one if you don’t have any. Consider it as a good investment, because just like a precious haircut, the classy shirt can make you look at your best every single day.

Shopping can be stressful

Choosing the right kind of dress shirt that would complement your body can be frustrating, especially if you know have no idea how to find the best dress shirt. To sort out which design, color, and prints to choose, here are the ultimate guide on how you can find the perfect dress shirt.

Find the Right Size

A dress shirt that is too tight or too loose makes you look and feel miserable in your outfit. Hence, you should choose a size that fits well.  If you can’t find a shirt that matches your size, you can opt for custom made dress shirts.

Check the Fabric

If you are going to wear your dress shirt at work, you must be very careful with your selection of fabric. A shirt made with subpar materials will make you feel cold during winter or sweat excessively when the weather is hot.

Pick the Right Collar

The collar of your dress shirt matters since buying a shirt with the wrong collar can significantly affect how you’ll look in your outfit. Always use the shape of your face as a baseline when you choose.

Choose the right color

White is the most versatile color. However, it doesn’t mean that you should fill your wardrobe with white dress shirts especially if you already own more than one. There are different colors such as navy blue, gray, brown, white, beige and light blue that you can add to your collection.

Where can You Buy a dress suit?

You can purchase a suit online, at the mall or if you have extra money to spend, you can have it customized. When you make a purchase on the internet, you must buy with caution. Choose reputable websites that sell high-quality formal wear at a reasonable price.

When you go to the mall, you’ll be able to pick a dress shirt properly since you can see the actual style and design. Having your dress shirt customized on the other hand is a bit expensive. But the advantage of having your shirt tailored is you can own a unique and well-fitting dress shirt.

Dress shirts should be part of your wardrobe staple. With or without a bold design, you will always look professional and appealing in a nice dress shirt.

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