Visit The Oldest Smart City Of The Country This Holiday

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Chandigarh is an all around arranged and clean city that really renders an alternate and exceptional experience of a city. Free from urban bedlam and highrise, infringing horizon of tall structures, this city offers a pleasant stay for tourists. Read on.

Want to travel to North India to spend your holiday vacation. Think Chandigarh! Chandigarh is a nice city for a vacation if you are coming from New Delhi . There are regular New Delhi Chandigarh Luxury Train and hence you can easily reach the city. Chandigarh is one place that is the first well planned city of India. It is the first ever smart city of India if you think of the original concept. It is a city that is organized and the clean and wide roads and well-laid township of this city make it a decent city for both, inhabitants and travelers.

Not at all like numerous metros and urban areas, the sky here is noticeably clear and blue, which suggests that the air in the city is perfect and far less dirtied. Chandigarh city was composed by French designer Corbusier who designed it in such a manner as in to permit sunlight and verdure to the full. Indeed, even after such a variety of years its origination, the city capacities well and with no hints of issues that you would spot in any typical city. The lovely and concordant city is seen as a perfect place to live in.

Chandigarh is often called the City Beautiful as it is broadly known as a standout amongst the most acclaimed cities of India with a quintessence to it. One of the cleanest urban communities of the nation, Chandigarh is a visitor’s heaven and there are various spots which are overpowering and enticing enough to lure you on a second trip. Individuals from each alcove and corner of the world run to Chandigarh to have a sight of the magnificence and wonders the city has on offer.

 Below are some of the popular attractions in Chandigarh for a tourist:

Rock Garden

Built by Nek Chand, this amazing garden of sculptures was designed and made from waste materials. There is an interesting story behind the conception of the garden, which you would get to hear from the local people during your tour of Chandigarh.

 Sukhna Lake

Situated in sector 1, which is one of the many sectors that Chandigarh is divided into, Sukhna Lake is an artificial reservoir. It is an ideal place for evening strolls. You can go yachting here. It has food joints as well.

 Pinjore Gardens

Also called Yadavindra Gardens, this spot is situated on the Chandigarh Shimla road. Made in Mughal Style, these gardens are perfect for picnics and family excursions.

 Besides, checking out the tourist attractions in Chandigarh, you can also visit the nearby areas of Panchkula on your tour. You can explore the nearby attractions and even head to Pinjore and Kasauli which lie midway between Chandigarh and Shimla. The city offers so much for the visitors that it can be a favorite destination for holidays for many. A visit from Bangalore is definitely worth it.

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