The Comeback Knit: How Fashion Fell For The Cardigan

Cardigans – once popular among librarians and teachers, are on the cusp of a fashion moment. Currently, a number of celebs including Suki Waterhouse, Alexa Chung, and even Rihanna were seen wearing Cardigans on the red carpet. What else can be much harder evidence than that!

Some would love a sweater trend – especially polo necks now, while even a few seasons ago, fluffy jumper ruled the fashion world. Interestingly, many women have always been on Team Cardigan. You have now a whole lot of designs, ranging from a Christopher Kane crochet number to a fluori Pringle longline design and a hand-knitted, washed-out pink Arran which is currently a fidgeting subject. Over the years, they have come in different forms and features, evolving a lot in the course of time.

A longtime fan would better tell you the way cardigans trump sweaters. They work because you can always wear something underneath them, and take them off without ruining your hair. They are sort of in between and not just quite a coat. On the top of it, they are warm and comfortable and an excellent handpick for Spring. A thick, fluffy blue one would be a great choice. This factor significantly plays a vital role since fashion is going a bit season less. Designers are now more focused on wool for knitting in order to grab attention of the consumers in climates around the world. Layering a cardigan over a blouse can be an excellent way to totally beat sweaters.

The 1970s thrift store vibe of the cardigan is back. A striped cardigan with fluted sleeves better mimics the 1970 vibe. Fashion enthusiasts would love biting this style this summer – wearing that cardigan and demonstrating how fashion, once again, has come full circle.

Cropped Cardigan excellently work with sheath dresses and sundresses underneath it, especially when you look for a more polished look for the office or a friend’s party. You can also style up vintage T-shirts and distressed jeans with cardigan sweaters that glam up the natural waist. Cropped cardigans in red, yellow or royal blue will always work with any outfit. The best cardigans are made of soft cotton or jersey fabrics to flatter your shoulders, bust and waistline.

A soft women’s cashmere cardigan can be a lovely addition to your wardrobe. Usually styled in a traditional button-down style, the latest edition comes in various hand knitting patterns and colors such as ivory, black, camel, navy blue or brown. Metallic women’s twin sets can be worn during the holiday season and in special events. For the best cardigans made of cashmere, now if you are looking for cardigan sweaters, look for cotton or linen blends.

An open cardigan without buttons or snaps look great over jeans, trousers, leggings and even fitted skirts. Team up an open cardigan with skinny jeans and simple tee or pair these women’s sweaters with a knee length pencil skirt in order to avoid looking shapeless.

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