How To Settle The Kicking Baby Inside The Womb

How To Settle The Kicking Baby Inside The Womb

During pregnancy, the woman after certain period of time is likely to experience the movements of the baby that can be really magical. The very first kick that is felt in the stomach can be really exciting and a moment that needs to be cherished for a life time. But some babies are found to be highly energetic even when inside the mother’s womb and are found to move and kick continuously, changing their positions every now and then. The tinier legs and feet do deliver some powerful kicks that might cause the expectant mother to face pain at times. This is where she will be seeking ways and means to pacify the baby in the womb without causing him/her any kind of discomfort or harm.

Taking help

Babies inside the womb are likely to kick for various reasons. Perhaps, they might be exercising their legs within the cramped space, feeling bored or simply feel like bouncing off the mother’s bladder. Previously, pregnant mothers were suggested to count their unborn child’s frequent kicks and to advise the physician in case, the kick frequency is noticed to have dropped below particular rate. These days, one can make use of the pregnancy kick counter that is easy to be used and also quite accurate. It does help the mother to know the frequency of the baby’s kicks and to be rest assured that the baby is fine and healthy. In case, the kick frequency is found to be less or any movement feeling is not noticed, then it becomes crucial to get immediate medical advice. If there are found concerns, then it becomes possible to get the most appropriate solutions.

Things to do to settle down the baby’s highly energetic movements

  • Go for walk: Babies in the womb are seen to be lulled to calmness with movement. They may even sleep. Hence, newborns are found to settle much easier when rocked or carried. This is because, the movement tends to mimic the womb’s movement when walking. In case, the expectant mother gets stuck to one place, then she should try swaying or rocking sidewise.
  • Avoid spicy foods and caffeine: Excess caffeine is to be avoided. Even small amount is likely to stimulate the baby to perform extra movements. Similar effects are produced by spices and also give the mother heartburn.
  • Do things to distract self: The mind is to be focused upon something besides kicks experienced. This way, the discomfort faced is likely to reduce magically.
  • Play soothing music: Studies have revealed that unborn babies can be calmed simply by playing classical music that is soothing to the ears.

There are indeed plenty of things that can be undertaken to settle down the baby within the womb. Checking counting kicks during pregnancy is sure to help the mother to be happy and satisfied and to enjoy the different stages of pregnancy and delivery of the baby. Taking care of self and baby can help him/her to develop vigorous, strong and healthy.

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