7 Great Things About Marrakech, Morocco

7 Great Things About Marrakech, Morocco

Marrakech is a major city in the kingdom of Morocco. This bustling mecca is an awesome place to go if you are looking for a culturally rich vacation destination. The country welcomes and embraces tourism to a high regard. Visitors can find some excellent luxury villas in Marrakech along with great food, history, UNESCO World Heritage sites and other cultural wonders.

The fifth largest economy in Africa, Morocco has a wonderful bustling to its country. Marrakech is the fourth largest city in Morocco and has an international airport and major railway station making transportation to and from the city a breeze. During 1122-1123 Ali ibn Yusuf built the red sandstone walls and other structures within the city. This is one of the reasons the city got the nickname ‘The Red City’ or ‘Ochre City.’ Marrakech has continued to grow and establish itself as a cultural, religious and trade center. Jemma el-Fnaa is one of the busiest squares in all of Africa.

If you are looking for a culturally diverse, engaging and memorable place to have your next vacation, here are seven great things about Marrakech, Morocco.

The Food is Delightful

Moroccan food is colorful, tasty and practically an art form in and of itself. There is so much variety to Moroccan foods. Hearty meat and fish dishes will fill you up with energy to last throughout the day. Unavoidable pastries and sweets will seemingly tempt you all around. Have fun experimenting and trying all sorts of brightly colored treats. All aspects of Moroccan food is meant to be relished and reminisced. Eating is an affair to be enjoyed and Marrakech does a great job of catering to its tourists.

Traditional Hamman’s Are Worth Experiencing

The Hamman is a place that Moroccans go to usually once a week. Here they bath and cleanse themselves until their skin glows. This is a very significant part of Moroccan culture, belief system and lifestyle. If you are a fan of saunas and steam baths you will most certainly love a Hamman. Many of them also offer massages along with skin and body treatments using essential oils and fragrant perfumes. Visiting a Hamman at least once is a must do to experience Moroccan culture.

Value for Luxury Accommodation is Excellent

Within Moroccan psyche is a big push to welcome and work towards increasing their tourism. The current government wants to keep pushing a steady growth and rise in the number of tourists that visit Morocco each year. As such there has been an influx of great value accommodations and services for tourists. Many visitor’s dollar stretch far in Morocco and there are some great deals to be found. Even if you are a well-seasoned traveler, the hustle and bustle of Morocco can be a bit taxing. Having a nice place to retreat each evening will ensure you can decompress and be ready for the next day. In this way you will be getting the most out of your vacation. Especially if you are traveling with a group of friends or family, splitting the cost of renting a private villa can be quite affordable.

UNESCO World Heritage Sites are Amazing

The UNESCO World Heritage Site of Medina is a must see part of the city. Here there is a variety of old residential buildings, monuments and architecture. If you are keen there are lots of places to visit with Medina including Koutobia Mosque, Badia Palace, Suaidian Tombs and others. Or visitors can simply enjoy wandering around to their whims and enjoy seeing what they see. During the evening the lights can give a beautiful ambience to the place. Medina is very culturally significant to the city of Marrakech everyone who visits should try to make a point to go.

The Marrakech Souks Market is a Must Visit

This market is one of the best things to experience in the city. Here visitors can find crafts, ornaments, jewelry and beautiful carpets. Guests can wander for hours looking at all the different wares on display. Intricate lamps and all other sorts of goods can be found here. When you do go, keep in mind illegal animal trafficking is still an issue in Morocco. We can all do our part and not support the purchasing of endangered animal products.

Djemaa el Fna lights up at Night

This popular city square is the place to be in the evening time. Hundreds of locals and tourist descend upon and transform the square into a lively place to be. Fortune tellers, story tellers, dancers, musicians and all sorts of performers convert here. During the day it’s still a good place to look for souvenirs, but try to get here at least one time during the evening hours. This is another big part of Moroccan culture.

The Museum de Marrakech is Outstanding

Even if you are not a huge museum goer, the Museum de Marrakech is worth going to simply to see the building itself. It is set in a historic building that used to be the royal chamberlain Sidi Said’s Mansion. Now the museum houses a prominent collection of musical instruments, daggers, strange kitchen tools and carved doors. There are some of the finest displays of Moroccan art here and this is a great museum to go and visit.

As you are picking out your next vacation destination keep Morocco high on that list. The country has so much on offer and loves to share its culture with visitors.

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