3 Factors That Determine Whether The Window Needs A Replacement

3 Factors That Determine Whether The Window Needs A Replacement

Nobody wants their house to look old or torn out. The moment the home owners find the windows difficult to operate, cracks or don’t offer the adequate energy efficiency they consider replacing the windows as a better option. Yes, these reasons are worth considering, but, many times getting the window repaired can also solve the problem. Getting the window replaced or repaired depends on several factors like the budget of the homeowner or how severe the damage is and many others.

The Hassle Factor:

People who find it difficult to take out time from their busy schedule to maintain and clean the existing windows will want to replace the old ones. Some of the factors where the homeowner finds it worth replacing the windows include:

Whether or not the owner is facing troubles in opening the window when he or she wishes to breathe fresh air.

Many of the older windows are designed in a way that gives them a cumbersome and bulky structure. This makes them difficult to clean, and the owner may face difficulties in cleaning.

With time, the windows start wearing out. They may require scraping and painting. The question is, has the owner got the time and the will to get it done?

Many of the windows regularly fog up due to condensation. This causes difficulty to see out of them. Some people get annoyed for wiping them off every time while many don’t have any problems with wiping it off.

The Cost Factor:

3 Factors That Determine Whether The Window Needs A Replacement

Most of the people decide on the grounds of the total expenditure that they will have to bear if they consider replacing the windows or getting them repaired. The cost of the replacement depends upon the material you will like to use and the total area to be covered. Whereas the cost of the repairing depends upon the damage and what part f the window needs to be fixed, the materials that will be needed to fix them and if a homeowner wishes to hire an expert to do it for him/her or he/she plans to do it on their own.

For instance, if the window needs to be repaired a little on the outer sides it will cost somewhere around $25 if the owner opts to do the job on his/her own. Whereas, if the entire window pane needs to be replaced the cost may shoot up to somewhere around $250. But if the entire frame has rotted away it is better to go for a replacement as the replacing cost will almost be equal to the repairing cost.

The Comfort Factor:

Older window panes are not as energy efficient as the new panes are. This means that the people living inside may either feel too hot or too cold depending on the season. A double-pane window can serve as a solution for improving the problem and at the same time reduce condensation. Windows that are properly insulated tends to lose less cold air in the summer and hot air in the winter, which means the AC and the heating appliances needs to be run for a shorter duration of time thereby reducing the expenses done on energy.

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