Special Hints and Tricks When Moving Special Objects From Special Rooms

Moving Fitness Equipment

If you plan to move in a new home with bigger space for your favorite pastime or just for a short vacation with your favorite multi gym or stationary bike – there is no need to struggle, call a removal company South Kensington that`s specialized in gym and fitness equipment removals. Their vans are usually bigger so they can accommodate entire machines without a need for dismantling. Other companies offer dismantling and reassembling services instead of doing everything by yourself, so they can take good care of your fitness equipment. These yet special and heavy objects are quite hard to relocate when you do everything by yourself, however, it`s not impossible. Just hire a bigger van with a big rear door and before all – calculate the exact size and shapes of your fitness machines that you don`t want to dismantle during the trip.

Moving Library

This is another special area, which requires some special cares. First, it`s important to use sturdy rugged boxes instead of cheap or transparent wrappings, for example. This is due to the enormous weight of the books when they are pilled one on top of another. They may look small and easy to handle when you see them on the library shelves, but when you pile dozens of books to the top of the moving box, it may weigh as much as your dismantled wardrobe. Because of that, another great idea is to get yourself several small boxes and to fill them with as much as a dozen books each. It should be quite easier for handling and safer for the books, as well as easier when unpacking and arranging them back on their new library shelves.

Moving Kids Rooms

You definitely want to pay more attention when moving the kids` room and especially when sorting the objects for everyday use. It`s good to put them in a different box in case that your kids want to play with their toys or maybe when they want to review their picture collections. Include another separate column for the kids` room in your moving checklist and fill it only with objects from that room. Then, label the boxes by using the same labels – “Kids Room”, while for the other box with special and the most important objects for your kids include a label like “Kids Toys”.

Moving Pianos, Giant Aquariums, Study Areas and Other Giant Objects

There is no doubt – the bigger the van, the easier the loading and unloading. You may also need to call two or three men with a van to help you with the heavy lifting. The easiest to reassemble parts of the piano should be dismantled and you should make sure that you know all the precise measurements of the piano before hiring the van. This will ensure not only the smooth loading and unloading of the van, but also the easy rotation or gliding inside the van, easy centering of the weight of the van, as well as help you to orientate whether the piano should pass through the front door of your new home or not. The same applies for other giant objects like study areas with a couple long and huge desktops or maybe when moving a huge fragile glass aquarium. Another useful trick is to use extra wrappings for all the big and heavy objects as an extra protection during the trip. From paper sheets and old newspapers, to gliding blankets, air pillows and protective edges – make sure to protect your big heavy items even safer than the small ones.

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