Tips To Ensure Longer Life For Toner Cartridge

Tips To Ensure Longer Life For Toner Cartridge

Printers are used on a routine basis everyday around the world. Be it in offices, homes, businesses, banks, shops etc. a printer is somewhat of a necessity. Today most of that which is written and recorded happens on the computer. Thus, the need for a printer is felt extensively in almost all locales. The printed word holds much sway in contemporary times. Even with this kind of stupendous popularity, the printer toner cartridge costs quite a bit, sometimes almost as much as the printer itself. This is the cause of much chagrin and worry for most people because it gets tough on the pocket if one has to frequently change the cartridge. Yet, there are ways to address this issue and the most simple is by saving the toner. By saving the toner, one can ensure a longer life of the cartridge. Let us look at some ways in which one can ensure a longer life for toner cartridge:

One of the ways to control the life of the cartridge is to make sure that the printer settings and related instructions are adjusted:

  • Printer Settings: Printers usually come with certain default settings that are made to consume more ink and thus, make customers buy ink more frequently. So, it is important to change the settings in a way that only the required amount of ink is used. Also, changing the resolution can help with the life of the ink cartridge.

  • Power: It is important to regulate the way the printer is turned on and off. Each time that it is turned off and on, it goes through a process of cleaning which uses extra ink. In case the printer is to be used again in a day, it is better to leave the power on. Otherwise, one can power it off.

  • Editing: Editing the work or text that is to be printed can limit the use of ink as well. For instance, a smaller font and lesser spacing can help address ink wastage. Also, make sure that the draft has been corrected and edited carefully so that no reprints are needed.

  • Software: There are certain software available that ensure that the printing is done in the most ink- friendly way. They make adjustments to the settings such that ink wastage is minimal.

The second major way is to address the cartridge itself:

  • Cleaning: One of the most important methods of ensuring a long life for toner cartridge is by regular cleaning of the same. Dirty cartridge prints badly. Also, make regular use of the printer so that the ink doesn’t clot or dry up.

  • Storage: Make sure that the cartridges’ seal remains intact till installation. Otherwise the ink will dry out. Also, keep the cartridges away from direct sunlight and in an upright position.

  • Shaking: At times ink sticks to the walls of the cartridges and does not go down to the base. One can tap or shake it to get a few extra sheets of printing done.

  • Brand: Last but not the least, always purchase high quality toner cartridges that are reputed for their long- lasting and efficient printing.

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