How To Make A Wetroom

Guaranteed to add value to your home, and an extra level of decadence to the shower experience, a wetroom is no longer something that can only be produced by the experts.

If you have a competent level of DIY knowledge, and the time and patience, you can make the wetroom that is the perfect upgrade to your home.


As with all DIY jobs, the first and arguably most important factor is using the best tools for the job. Getting the correct slope to drain away water and using the right waterproof materials for walls and floors are vital to the production of your wetroom.

Waterproof matting is a must to get your wet room started, as is ensuring that you have a perfectly flat surface for the drainage section of your floor. Shop around, there are many options out there and finding the right one for you can take time.

Top Deck

When choosing a top deck, remember that size matters. It doesn’t matter if it is too large, but you must ensure that your top deck former size is not too small for the space you have for your wetroom floor.

Picking the right place for your drain and shower can be easy if you are renovating a bathroom. You will save a lot of time and energy if you place your new shower in the same place as your old one, as the pipework connecting to the outside drain will already be in place.


Wetroom kits can assist a huge amount with what is a complicated and long process. A top quality wetroom kit will offer a cost-effective and simple way to purchase everything you need, from grates to tank apparatus.


As you can imagine, it is important to take the waterproofing of your wetroom seriously. Top quality products can offer a lifetime of reliability, going cheap will not pay off in the long run.

Floors and walls will all need to be covered with overlapping matting pieces and secured firmly. Any gaps will run the risk of leaks, which you must avoid at all costs.

Underfloor Heating

It is your choice if you choose to add underfloor heating to your wetroom, but it is tough to argue with the increase in comfort if you do.

Find the nearest power source, which is likely to be on the other side of your bathroom wall. Work out as precisely as you can where the wire should go.

Draw your wiring onto your floor as reference, ensuring the wires are never closer than 50ml apart, they must not overlap at any point.

Benefits of a Step-free Wetroom

This seems like a lot of hard work, is it really worth it? For the majority of people, the answer is definitely yes. Not only will a step-free wetroom add ease and luxury to shower times, and add value to your property, it can also be very useful if you or are loved one suffers with a disability or restricted movement of any kind. Many people still justify using shower trays with worries of leaks, but wet rooms are now as wateright as traditional shower trays.

Sometimes hard work pays off, and in the case of creating your own wetroom, this is definitely true. If you put aside the time, money, and effort necessary, you will definitely not regret adding this room to your house.

Steven Lee runs Step-Free Wetroom Kits, an online retailer of wetrooms and wetroom accessories in the UK. Based in Essex, Steven covers the East of England, London and the rest of the UK.

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