List Of Relocation Benefits In Eminent Domain

List Of Relocation Benefits In Eminent Domain

Condemnation of property by the government can introduce several issues to a property owner. But along with complications, property owners can get many benefits as well including the benefits that come with relocation. These additional advantages help the property owner to deal with the loss of assets in an easier manner.  If you are wondering what these benefits are, here is a list of relocation benefits in eminent domain for all property owners.

1.Relocation Expenses

Moving a business or property is always a tough situation, and people need to invest money and time for this. Under the Austin eminent domain law, property owners are entitled to get expenses for relocation. This rule applies to all the property owners regardless of the type of their assets. So, it doesn’t matter if you have lost your business related property or private place, you are liable to get reimbursement for the move.

2.Expenses for New Stationery

In your business, you may need to get new stationary as your old visiting cards, bill books, promotional materials, etc. would become useless for you.  Printing of new stationery will cost a good amount of money to business owners, and they can claim it all from the relocation eminent domain benefits. Although they may not get the reimbursement for all related expenses, this benefit will still help business owners establish themselves at their new location with less trouble.

3.Expenses for Hardware

In some cases, you may have hardware or fixtures that might become completely useless after removing it from the existing location. Thankfully, eminent domain relocation benefits cover these expenses as well, to a certain extent. This can work perfectly fine for both businesses and residential properties. However, most business owners will get the maximum benefit with this reimbursement since businesses have higher costs tied into hardware, etc.

4.Independent from Eminent Domain

The best thing about condemnation eminent domain relocation benefits is that it is independent of condemnation benefits. In some situations, a property owner may have no issues with the reimbursement received for the property, but the same person may have issues with relocation benefits. In these kinds of situations, property owners can raise a separate trial for it.  Since relocation benefits are different than eminent domain benefits, chances are always in favor of the property owner. And if the property owner loses the case, they receive benefits without having any effect on their eminent domain compensation.


It’s important to understand that the benefits of eminent domain relocation will differ depending on each case.  Some businesses may have a harder time relocating, while others may not have much to lose. If you want to make sure you get the best relocation benefits under this law, we advise hiring a trusted eminent domain lawyer before taking any action. An attorney can help you make the right decisions, and if needed they can represent your case in the court as well. If your relocation expenses are high, getting an attorney is the first step in the right direction!

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