The Short List Of Hiking And Camping Tools For A Manali Trip

The Short List Of Hiking And Camping Tools For A Manali Trip

There are only a few experiences in the world that beat the thrill and adrenaline-rush of camping in the woods. When it comes to camping in snowy woods, you need to be extra careful and carry a certain set of tools to make sure that you do not catch the frostbite. The next time you choose a Manali tour package, make sure that the package includes all the cool camping sites where you can spend a night beneath the stars.

Here is a list of items that you must carry with you when you set out on an adventure in the snowy woods of Manali this winter.

Sleeping Bags : You do not want to sleep on a frost-laden ground and spoil your health, right? It is crucial to carry a warm and cosy sleeping bag with you on the trip. You will find a tonne of options that you can carry with you. However, only a few of them will be lightweight enough to not be a burden for you on the trip. A triple layer protection is more than enough for a winter in Manali. It is vital that you carry a sleeping bag that you can easily pack and tie to your backpack.

Water Repellent Jacket : Trust us, you do not want to get wet in the cold while you are travelling in the snow. A good water repellent jacket is usually helpful to protect your woollen clothes from moisture. In the worst-case scenario, you will get all your woollen clothes wet with the snow. If you love making snow angels, it is crucial that you carry a lightweight water repellent plastic jacket with you at all times.

Hiking Boots : If you are also planning on going for a rock climbing adventure in Manali, you need to pack a comfortable pair of hiking boots. Make sure that you choose plastic or rubber boots that are water repellent to avoid getting frostbite on your feet.

Sturdy Backpack : A sturdy backpack can be your travel companion for several years before finally getting worn out. A complete backpack will have a room for attaching the sleeping bag on the exterior. It will also have a large number of compartments to help you keep all your stuff organized.

You can carry more or fewer items depending upon your duration of stay and the number of people that you are going with. However, these 4 items should be a priority on your list every time you go out for an adventure in the woods.

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