Everything You Need To Know About SBI Unnati Card

Everything You Need To Know About SBI Unnati Card

Get ready to enjoy a wide range of unmatched lifestyle privileges, coming your way with none other than a beautiful looking SBI Unnati Card. That’s Right! This tricolour credit card not only symbolizes the true spirit of India but with its exceptional features fills your life with utter joy. We all want to carry a beautiful credit card that suits our persona and lifestyle needs and this classic masterpiece is surely going to be an addition to your wallet.

Yes,make some free space in your wallet for this beauty as the magnificent features and remarkable privileges being offered by this card make you apply online for SBI Unnati Card. This masterpiece being offered by State Bank of India is simply awesome in many ways and makes you enjoy the finest comforts of life. Let’ just know more about the same in the article below…

Features & Privileges  

Reward Points: Spend Rs.100 via using the card and get 1 reward point. When it comes to redeeming the points, they can be redeemed against an exclusive range of gifts from the reward catalog.

Interest-free Credit Period: The card comes with an interest-free credit period of 20-50 days that can be granted on retail purchases. The interest-free period also depends upon the payment of the outstanding balances of previous months.

Fuel Surcharge Waiver: Enjoy 1% fuel surcharge waiver for each transaction between ₹500-3,000. This range does not involve GST, wherever applicable along with other charges.

Payment of Utility Bill: Don’t have enough cash in hand to pay off your bills, worry not as your credit card bill payment can seamlessly be done via this beautifully designed card, which is here to cater all your needs.

Milestone Rewards: On a spending of ₹50,000 or more in a year , get a cashback of ₹500. And, if we talk about the reward, it is applicable in all membership years.

Massive Acceptance: One of the biggest advantages of carrying this card is the fact that it is worldwide accepted and can easily be used in more than 24 million outlets, including 3,25,000 in India. The exciting feature of the cars is that it allows you to make a payment at outlets that accept Visa or MasterCard.

Balance Transfer on EMI: If the outstanding balance of your existing credit card is bothering you, opt for balance transfer facility offered by SBI. Yes, on transferring the outstanding due of your existing credit card to SBI Unnati Card online, avail the facility at a lower interest rate to repay the EMIs. Talking about the interest rate, 0.50% for 3 months and 0.75% for 6 months can be availed by the customers looking for a BT to Unnati. However, in case, you want to pre-close the BT, 3% fee would be deducted from your account.

Cash Withdrawal Facility: You can use this card to withdraw the cash from more than 1 Million Visa or MasterCard ATMs worldwide. The withdrawal of upto 80% of the credit limit is allowed, making a maximum withdrawal of ₹12,000 per day.  

Fees & Charges

  • No annual fee for first 4 years
  • From 5th year, a renewal fee of ₹499 would be charged
  • No annual add-on fee
  • Finance charges on both credit limit and cash advance amount to upto 2.5% per month, totaling to 30% in a year
  • Minimum amount due-5% of total outstanding (Minimum of ₹200, plus applicable taxes, EMI (On EMI Product) and OVL
  • Cash advance fee at 2.5% of the transaction amount, with a minimum of ₹300, on withdrawal of cash from SBI and other ATMs, will be charged
  • Cash payment fee amounts to ₹500
  • Rewards redemption fee-₹99
  • Card replacement fee-₹100

SBI Unnati Credit Card Eligibility

An individual needs to be a fixed deposit of ₹25,000 in order to apply for SBI Unnati Credit Card. However, even if you don’t have a credit history, need not to worry as availing this card is easy.  All you need is a fixed deposit of ₹25,000. Also, an applicant needs to be Indian Resident with age should not be less than 18 years and should not be more than 65 years.

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