Make Metal Printing Plates For Your Business

Make Metal Printing Plates For Your Business

To begin here with the right mindset, you must know what a printing plate is all about. After all, knowledge is power to you. Having said that, we mean, if you know the meaning of a printing plate, it would be easier for you to make the right choice here for your offset machine, for instance.

A printing plate is a thin metal or paper sheet that is sensitive to light. However, rubber and plastic sheets are also used here for the purpose. But, printing plates manufacturing isn’t easy as it requires a lot of precision especially when metal sheet is used as the base material. For instance, a high-intensity light is used here that burns an image on the plate and the same image is replicated on different types of materials such as the fabric and paper using light and ink.

The importance of printing plates cannot be understated in the case of your offset printing machine. Having said that, we mean, offset lithography is the most common type of printing on paper that uses printing plates. If you use plastic, rubber, or the paper sheet as the printing plate, it’s going to corrode very soon. But, using printing plates made of a metal such as the brass printing plates, you will benefit in more than one ways for sure.

Why should you use Brass Printing Plates?

This is a very relevant question here especially after knowing the fact that rubber, plastic, or paper printing plates do not go well with an offset printing machine. Here is a list of a few points that you should consider in the first place the next time you go for changing the printing plate of your offset machine.

Longevity: You will love to buy brass printing plates in the first place because of its’ longevity. After all, offset printing is an ongoing process where any change in printing plates would amount to the loss of time, money, and revenue of your business. In other words, a printing plate made of brass is desirable here.

Value for money: The onus to mention that you have invested your hard-earned money to buy and install an offset printing machine at your shop. The purpose here is to earn money. You must, therefore, choose a printing plate that lasts long. This, in turn, will contribute to your bottom line. Brass made printing plates have a significant corrosion resistance.

Printing precision: People with a prior exposure to offset printing business will agree that plastic, rubber, or paper made printing plates fail to create impressions with precision over the years or when the number of prints is quite high. It means unless you use a metallic printing plate such as the ones made of brass sheets, you will compromise the printing quality. In the process, you will have more disgruntled customers that would amount to a serious business loss for you in the long-run.

However, brass printing plates are useful in many ways as those are manufactured and polished at a high temperature. As a matter of fact, these plates render flawless services for many years based on the volume of work that you handle every day.

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