5 Foods For Infants

You become the parent for the first time, how you feel about it! Isn’t it a great experience to be a parent? Congratulations for it. It’s going to be an awesome experience playing with your child and feeding him. Feeding the baby at his early age with a good healthy food is important issue; he must be fed nutritious food for the future betterment. The growth of the child depends on the early age food habits; the baby should receive proteins, minerals, vitamins and great rich healthy foods at his early age. It is also important to feed him as the baby can digest the food, the child can’t take heavy foods. If we forcibly make me eat the heavy food, it’s going to make him sick. The best food a infant can take up to 1 to 2 years his mother’s milk. Breast feeding a great way of supplying a healthy food the infant baby and it is most recommended to every mother. Now let us see 5 foods that are very healthy for the infants.

Breast Milk

The most known truth, and mostly recommended food for the infants is the their mother’s breast milk. This milk supplies the a good nutrients to the baby, it is a healthy diet. The breast milk contains the anti-oxidants and some energy substance which increases immune system of the infant, which most important at that age. The food energy will be supplied from to the infant so the mother must take a healthy food diet.


The cereals are the best foods in the list after the mother’s breast milk. Creals are very digestive friendly, easily digested by months old babies. Most of rice and oatmeal based cereals are least allergic type, so it is mostly mothers preferred food for the babies.


As the child ages in months we can feed him with little amounts of fruit pieces. Making them eat the fresh fruits and juices have also supplied them with a great amount of vitamins and proteins. fruits like banana (tiny portions), orange pieces, grapes, avocado, watermelon, berries and kiwi fruits can be more healthy food.

Well Cooked Vegetables

A bite amount very well prepared vegetable foods we can feed to children who are aged about more than 5 months. These vegetables need to be prepared with very well cooked manner, the food particles are to be mashed and should become very much like puree. The vegetable puree can easily consumed by the child and it’s healthy food for the baby.

Mashed Food

After baby become 8-12 months old we can supply some little portions of heavy meals like meat, rice, potatoes and other vegetables. If the baby struggling to eat and swallow the food amounts then mash the food into smaller portions and make them eat. In this age some children can also like to taste chillie spices. Mashed sweet potatoes, chicken meat, fresh beans and others can be mashed into smaller portions then feeding them is another good choice.

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