Tips On Repairing A Pad On A PCB Board

Repairing a PCB board may seem like a daunting task to the uninitiated, but it is actually not that difficult. Here is a guide on how to repair the pad on a damaged PCB board.

The first step is to clean the board. This can be done by cleaning the damaged area with isopropyl alcohol. After the area is wiped clean, it can be dried by blowing compressed air on it or by dabbing it with a lint-free cloth.

Next, cut the damaged pad away from the board with an Exacto knife. If there is any burned laminate around the area where the pad was, carefully remove that also. Using a dental pick, remove the solder mask from the conductor. Clean the underlying area with the isopropyl alcohol and dry exactly in the same manner as was done in the first step.

Take your solder alloy and proceed to tin the area where the new conductor will be placed. Cut the new conductor away from the circuit frame using an Exacto knife. Tin the new conductor into place so it stays and then proceeds to cure it. This can usually be done in the open air. It may also be done in an oven but the manufacturer’s instruction should be strictly followed if this is done. The replacement pad should be held in place with clamps while the curing process is underway. This is done so that the pad does not accidentally slip into an undesirable position.

Using this guide, it should be a quite simple task to perform PCB board repair. Remember to make sure that there is generous airflow in the room so that any potential harmful vapors do not facilitate an emergency situation. Good luck and have fun!

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