Problems Which You Are Likely To Encounter During Pregnancy

Problems Which You Are Likely To Encounter During Pregnancy

Navi Mumbai is a planned city that boasts of everything that a modern city is supposed to have. Be it educational institutes, engineering colleges, medical colleges, hospitals, malls, luxury hotels, restaurants, parks, or something else. If you are searching for obstetricians & gynecologists in navi Mumbai then you will not be disappointed either. There are many such doctors in Navi Mumbai. However, this medical specialty is unique among all the other medical specialties. This is because an obstetrician & gynecologist deals with two lives at once. The life of the mother as well as the child in her womb is dependent upon the knowledge, skill and expertise of the obstetrician & gynecologist. A doctor acquires this specialized knowledge through a three-year MD or MS in obstetrics & gynecology after passing out of MBBS. So, this takes his or her academic duration to more than 8 years. He or she then needs some more years to get acquainted with all the nuances of the job. So after more than a decade long journey in medical field a doctor emerges as a specialist to treat pregnant patients.

Problems during pregnancy

Your body will undergo various changes during pregnancy. Apart from the visible change in your abdominal girth there are severe changes taking place inside your body. This also brings about some emotional changes. You may have mood swings. You may have an aversion to food in the initial days and a food craving in the later part. Some of these changes may cause some discomfort. Mostly such discomforts are innocuous, and you may not need any treatment. However, sometimes, minor and seemingly innocuous symptoms and discomforts can have serious repercussions.

Morning sickness

One of the early symptoms in the stages of pregnancy and tends to fade away after 3 months. It is normally caused by hormonal changes and you may find it a bit difficult to eat. Though it is referred to as morning sickness, it can occur at any time of the day. Though it does not cause any major problem for the baby, but if the mother vomits a lot then it is suggested that you get the opinion of a doctor. Eat small but light meals and do not skip meals, because it is bound to worsen the condition.


This is one of the most common problems during pregnancy. This occurs more in women with low hemoglobin who have been prescribed iron supplements by the obstetrician in navi Mumbai. You have to take fibrous food like whole wheat breads, oats etc. during pregnancy in order to ease the process of bowel movement.


Some women do suffer from back pain. This is common since the ligaments in your pelvic region stretch in order to accommodate the growing baby inside the womb. This may put strain on the pelvic region and cause back pain.


Some women do have swelling of legs, ankles and feet during pregnancy. The pregnant body produces excess fluid and blood to meet requirements of the growing baby. Some of it may accumulate in your legs, feet, ankles and even hands. However, swelling accompanied with pain, especially in one leg, may also be a symptom of some underlying complication. So whenever you notice some swelling doreport it to the obstetrician and gynecologist immediately.

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