Why Is A Scooter Canopy, or Scooter Hood, A Good Investment In Any Weather?

Why Is A Scooter Canopy, or Scooter Hood, A Good Investment In Any Weather

Mobility scooters have developed enormously and are now capable of handling all terrains, giving their owners complete freedom of movement. However, it’s taken a while for weather protection to catch up. Not so long ago, you’d have to laboriously attach a fixed structure to your scooter and then be stuck inside it even if the weather improved.

Always prepared for the British weather

We all know the British weather – pouring down one minute then blazing sunshine the next, or vice versa. With the advent of the foldable and portable hood for a scooter, you can take your protection with you and use it when and where you need it.

A canopy can be an essential piece of kit in colder weather, helping to protect you from wind and rain and holding in warm air to keep you comfortable. When the weather improves, you can simply fold it away and store in a handy pouch, usually at the rear of your scooter.

Things to look out for in a hood for a scooter

A portable hood should have a robust but lightweight construction, in a metal that won’t rust. Look for an aluminium frame construction, covered with a waterproof and breathable fabric material. This will give you the best of both worlds, being durable but easy to use.

The fold is important too – if you love your mobility scooter for the independence of movement it’s given you, you won’t want to be struggling when you’re out and about and the weather does change. Look for a hood that folds out in seconds, so even if the rain has started to fall, it’s quick enough to stop you getting wet.

The great advantage of using a folding hood for a scooter is that it gives you the flexibility and freedom to roam, without struggling with a fixed canopy. Of course, no one wants to be left as red as a roasted beetroot, if the sun comes out!

An investment in independence

If you’re new to using a mobility scooter, it can be incredibly frustrating to get caught out by bad weather. Of course, you can carry a rain poncho and an umbrella as a first line of defence, but neither are stylish or particularly safe.

By investing in a foldable hood, you’re investing in the freedom to go where you want, whenever you want, without having to worry about the weather. Whatever the forecast says, you’ll be ready to go with your folding mobility scooter hood.

When you move onto a more advanced vehicle or an all-terrain scooter, if you invest in the right folding scooter canopy, you’ll be able to take it with you to your next scooter, because one size fits all. After all, if you’re making the investment, you want to know that your folding canopy can move on with you.

So if you love the great outdoors, but hate the British weather, get a folding scooter canopy, so you can enjoy one without being bothered by the other!

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