Making Your Entry Easy: Guide To Buy A Door Knob/Lever

Making Your Entry Easy: Guide To Buy A Door Knob/Lever

A door is not just a gateway to the outside world, it is much more than that. It is very important to select the right door and door accessories for your doors. They protect you against invaders as well as from the ever changing weather conditions. If you go out of your house or even sleep within, you make sure that the door is bolted and locked. If you pay emphasis on just using the door accesories that you have installed then why not do the same when buying them? It is extremely important to pick the right set of door accessories because if you don’t get the right door accessories then all your hard work in getting the right door won’t serve any purpose.

With so many styles and designs available in the market, it becomes very difficult to choose the right door accessory that will not only compliment your interior but also enhance the security of your place. First and foremost, you have to decide the kind of style you wish to have in your interiors. If you are inclined towards giving your place a traditional look, like many houses in the country boast or are you interested in some latest design that are common among the residents of London and Winchester.

Door Levers or Door Knobs, what will compliment your door?

Well, the reason that I have chosen to talk about door knobs and levers first is because they are the first thing that you our your guest lay their eyes and hands on. So, you possess a fine piece of door knob or lever then it definitely leaves an impression. Also, since if you are able to select the most used and prominently visible door accessory then rest everything else falls into order just as easily.

To make it easier for you to decide between a traditional door knob or a modern day door accessory, a handle, I’m defining and explaining you the advantages and disadvantages of both in the below mentioned paragraphs. Because it is not advisable to judge a book by its cover, we need to evaluate the functionalities of both and then decide which kind of door accessories will be ideal for your use.

Making Your Entry Easy: Guide To Buy A Door Knob/Lever

Door Knobs: They have been in fashion since the early 17th century. They look good in country homes or even in the old palatial homes in the city. In short they look good on doors and interiors that display a trendy ancient and orthodox look. However, for modern homes instead of choosing the old big and heavy door knob, you must opt for the new and sleeky door knob. They not only fulfil the purpose as they cannot be opened by your pets or toddlers easily and also they are cloth friendly. There are many cases of loose tops and open jacket entangling themselves in the levers and getting torn. The only drawback of using door knobs is that their mechanism is tricky and needs timely oiling and if you accidently bump into them then you need a n ice pack for the swollen area.

Making Your Entry Easy: Guide To Buy A Door Knob/Lever

Door levers: With door levers there are many more styles and design to choose from. Also, they go well with any type of interior and door design as the styles available in door levers vary from contemporary to traditional. They are mostly found in new accommodations and modern building in every town. Also, unlike knobs they do not require upper arm strength or a twist of wrist, so house with upcoming children and old aged family members door levers are becoming immensely popular. Also, if you are coming back from grocery shopping or after hitting the farmer’s market and your hands are full, even then you are able to open the door if you have a door lever. Also, door knobs are available in various orientation. So, even if you have a door that opens from either left or right, you need to make sure you get the right kind of door lever as the accessory for your door.

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