Importing Car Permits In Australia: A Detailed Summary

Importing Car Permits In Australia: A Detailed Summary

Are you shifting to Down Under, and plan to take your prized cars with you? Well, then this post is meant for you and you alone.

If you want to import your vehicle into Australia, then there are a few things that you need to know. First and foremost not every vehicle can be imported into Australia just like that. Not all vehicles are allowed to be imported in Australia. Also, you need to present proper import permits for any kind of road vehicle that you want to ship to Australia. However, import permits differ from car to car. Mention below are the type of cars permits with which you can ship your vehicle to Australia.

Vehicle Import Permits available in Australia

Classic cars – They includes cars manufactured before 1989. Also, they should not have any significant modification. If the vehicle is modified, it should be mentioned to the concerned authorities at the time of getting the permit. There is slight chance that you might not get a licence to import the vehicle. However, it is mandatory to mention any kind of modification. The cars passed will get imported to Australia under PRE-1989 vehicle permit scheme.

Settling in Australia – if you plan to migrate and settle in Australia. There is a special permit that allows you to import your vehicle. But there are a few pre-requisite condition for that as well. The car must be owned by you for at least 12 months, and only one vehicle is allowed to be imported every 5 years. This kind of permit comes under Personal import scheme.

Enthusiast Cars – SEVS permit is only for Enthusiast cars. Very few cars are listed on the SEVS list, and only those cars can be imported into Australia. If you want to know whether your car can be imported with SEVS permit or not, you need to check the list of cars authorized under SEVS scheme on RAWS Australia website. There is also an added provision to get your desired vehicle added in the SEVS. All you need to do is apply to RVCS, along with your car’s manufacturer and model. If the RVCS add your vehicle then you can apply for an import permit under SEVS.

Cars manufactured after 1989 – Vehicle Manufactured post-1989 that is not eligible for any of the above-mentioned import permit can still be exported to Australia but only after getting a special permit from RAWS approved workshop.

Off-Road/Race Cars – Vehicles that are not designed to be used on public road, should gain special permit after giving the purpose, and drivers name to the Raws to get that special permit issued. Also, you need to have custom clearing as well.

Temporary Imports – You can import vehicles for Temporary purpose under Carnet de Passages. But with the conditions that it cannot be sold in Australia and the vehicle will be re-exported within a span 12 months. Also, you need to present a bond with import taxes for custom.

Miscellaneous Permits – Vehicle with left-hand drive and air conditioning need to get a special permit and CFC clearance to be imported in Australia. Many other discretionary vehicle import permits are available for special vehicles either for military forces, exhibitions, and repairs. For any further advice or information feel free to contact us.

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