Enjoy The Unremitting Pleasure Of Afternoon Tea In Hertfordshire

Enjoy The Unremitting Pleasure Of Afternoon Tea In Hertfordshire

Tea time is the golden opportunity to slow down and appreciate the beautiful surroundings. It is the tea that makes everything exceptional.

Arthur Wing Pinero has rightly quoted that where there is ‘tea,’ there is ‘hope.’ Tea is a healing magic potion that makes your mood for good. If you are upset or feeling bored, try having tea. Available in various forms and can be taken with certain aromatic herb, a cup of tea can give you the synergistic effect.

Simultaneously, the breathtaking beauty of Hertfordshire has got everything you need to have an enticing day out. Your exciting short break can turn into an eternal indelible outing in England. Explore the entire enchantress starting from the wild days to the stately homes with your family or just yourself.

How about a cup of delightful afternoon tea in the heart of Hertfordshire? The glorious country is shining with exhilarating activities to do and lavish places to stay and wind out.

Get pampered with the luxury of the grand venues offering the best afternoon tea in Hertfordshire.  

The Grove Hotel

An epitome of feasting opulence on the towering silver tiers can be your deal in this hotel. The combination of warm and fresh scones, exquisite creations of lip-smacking chocolates and finger sandwiches with an enchanting cup of refreshing tea accompanied by your favorite read served to you at the library, or the historic mansion lounges can make you adhere to the grandeur for long.

Hanbury Manor

Some places invite you to present you the feeling of endless stay. Your afternoon tea in Hertfordshire can be the most luxurious treat in the coming summer shimmering with the bright blue sky. Hanbury Manor can sophistically provide you the best relaxation beside the warmth of the open fire handing you their ever famous beverage. Your taste buds will linger every day from noon to 6 pm with the delicious finger sandwiches, cakes, scones and pastries that convey the tea.

Bishop’s Stortford Great Hallingbury Manor

Try something different in the heart of the countryside filled with the eye rendering the scenic beauty of gardens and lakes with your cup of afternoon tea. The Lakeside restaurant in the picturesque is a real love for the nature admirers. With the vast selection of coffee, tea, scones, sandwiches, and cakes; your day will be inevitably met. Stay for the whole week and enjoy the feast from noon till 4.30 pm in the onset of the evening.

Letchworth Hall

Located on 8 acres of awe-inspiring garden, the quintessential precinct gifts you the most elegant features of the Jacobean era back to 1625. The ideal location for afternoon tea with the exploration of the developing meadows mothering Black Squirrel and Muntjac Deer with the contemporary market towns of Baldock and Hitchin and larger Cambridge and Luton can be all yours. Don’t miss the chance of the tea delights in the Grand Hall crafted with rustic gnarled beams, plush armchairs, and genuine fireplaces.

Hertfordshire has the right selection for you and your dear friends and families in every occasion with the indulgent of fresh creams, mouthwatering jams and wholesome scones cuddling with an exquisite cup of afternoon tea.

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